Cyber Monday is upon us. This year the consumers plan to spend almost $554.90 during the Thanksgiving weekend. It is time for retail businesses to stock up their stores and get ready for the sales. While there are many retail businesses out there that may have already planned about their holiday sales strategy, but some may a bit behind. If you haven’t started preparing your sales strategy for Cyber Monday, don’t worry. We are here to help you with our best actionable tips that can help you manage on last minute Cyber Monday holiday sales.

  1. Crack the Social Media Code

There are almost 2.67 billion social media users around the globe. An average person spend almost 40 minutes to an hour on social networks just to know about what is going on around them and what’s new in the market. Social networks became an inseparable part of our lives. Crack the code of social media strategy that really works and bring sales to your business. There are many retail businesses that increased their sales and revenue by only using social media power. With social media networks, you not only can connect with your customers, but you can also reveal them how your products can change their lifestyle.

Use Social Media

  1. Use the Hashtag Tricks

Using appropriate hashtags with your posts on all social networks can also help customers to find their favorite items easily. Adding a hashtag on your highly searched keywords will filter the search results and make it easier for customers to search the appropriate item they are looking for. Use hashtags such as #CyberMonday, #CyberMondaySales #CyberMondayDeals #CyberMondayGifts

Use the Hashtag

  1. Use PPC Strategy

Paid advertising also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) is a factor to generate immediate leads during the Cyber Monday. There are many platforms to place your PPC campaign on such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads. Using the PPC strategy can help you to launch your marketing campaign relatively quickly. You can also track the success of different keywords and targets, and build winning campaigns faster than you can with any other medium. You can promote your business’ website through these channels and get a wealth of data that you can use to make your marketing campaigns more effective.

PPC Strategy

  1. Make the Shopping Easy

Encouraging your customers to buy more is a great strategy that can help increase your Cyber Monday sales. Words like free, gifts, deals, and discounts attract the attention of customers, you can create a holiday deal by adding a couple of things in the deal, for example, you are making a deal on a leather handbag, add some other stuff with it like scarf, belts, or anything else that match with it. Place that deal with discount on your landing page so people can easily find and get it. You can also add a free gift with the deal as well.

Make the Shopping Easy

  1. Consider Remarketing

Focus those customers who have previously visited your site, selected a product, but not completed the whole shopping process and left your website. Use remarketing tactics to bring them back to your e-store. Remarketing is a useful tactic to not only bring your old customers back but it also help them to know what type of new products are on sale so they can buy them during the Cyber Monday sale.


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