New Year is right around the corner and it is an excellent time to rejoice your existing customers while drawing new business to increase sales in the first quarter of the year. Investing your time to know how effective your marketing strategies is and where you actually want to see it in 2019 will give you a positive start to hit the ground.

New Year business marketing strategies can be especially difficult because people have spent their year-end fill on holidays. You must continue with your direct mail and some other types of marketing campaigns. The New Year also presents new opportunities for you to restructure the way you carry out the business so you can create an outstanding presence and increase your sales.

Here are some marketing strategies to ring in the New Year;

  1. New Year Email

There are many small businesses sending New Year email during the Christmas and New Year by using email marketing software. Set your business separate by sending your customers something before the New Year. Don’t overlook the possible return on an email campaign to get in new customers to your small business during those slow months. More than 80% of email campaigns offer immediate profitability. People are looking for brand new experiences, so give them the experience they want at the start of the year.

  1. Post-Holiday Sale

If the holiday shopping season is over, it doesn’t mean that businesses has to slow down. Basically it is the best time for business. Many businesses offer shopping guides made specifically to the post-holiday season. One of the best New Year marketing strategy to draw more foot traffic to your store is clearance sale to clear up your old inventory. Simultaneously, you can present some new items that your customers are expecting in the coming year.

  1. Get Your Social Viewers Excited About 2019

Social media plays an important role at this time of year. Actually it’s an excellent way to get your customers excited about the New Year. Update your New Year timeline images and put your business at the top of your customers’ mind. Social media is a platform helping businesses to promote their New Year deals on products and services. You can also use the festivity theme in your posts to engage your customers.

  1. Reward Loyal Customers

Find out who visited more your store this past year and launch an email or social media campaign to reach out to your established customers and provide them with the special New Year offers. This is one of the best ways for service providing businesses to schedule bookings. Another way is to offer a referral bonus or reward for engaging new customers. You can also giveaway free items on multiple purchases, team up with an associated business to offer reciprocal discounts.

  1. Host a New Year Party

There are many people who want to be surrounded by loved ones when the clock strikes 12 at New Year, therefore it’s an incredible idea to host a New Year party during the daytime. Many countries are 12 hours up ahead of the US, so you can use the afternoon time to celebrate New Year festivity. You can also use promotional giveaway to boost your traffic and use your best-selling products for giveaway. Another creative way to boost your traffic is to hold a social media photo contest where your followers share their New Year photos on your social channel in exchange of a fun prize.

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