In case you are in the process of starting your own business, you may feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. For a small business owner, every minute that represent dollars – either earned or wasted. In a recent research conducted by Microsoft, it was found that the employees normally used 60% of their available work time. It indicates that out of a 5-day working week, they were efficient only three of those days. Now, apply that to your own business. If the phrase, time is money, is true, then how would you think about getting cash 60% of the time that you apply at work?

The certainty is that, time is easy to waste, and if you’ve a predetermined idea of how you will use the cash, it will pass before you even consider it. But don’t be anxious – here are some of the time management tips that a small business owner can apply to make the best use of their time.

Time Management Tip 1: Forget about Your Emails

This in all likelihood sounds less complicated as compared to it is as most people tend to check their every 5-10 minutes. However in case you add up all of the minutes that it takes to usually check your email and then reply, it is easy to understand why it is such a time waster.

Instead of being a slave to your email, make it subject to your time constraints. Set aside two time periods during the day to check and reply to all your emails. This can take a few serious motivation and discipline, but it will help you to devote more focus and time to other obligations that could in other case be constantly disturbed by checking emails.

In case you are concerned that people will get indignant by way of how long it takes you to reply, set up  an automatic email responder that help people understand that you take 10-12 hours to respond to their quarries, or even a day if appropriate.

Time Management Tip 2: Ignore Multitasking

In a recent review, experts revealed that only 2.5% of people are able to effectively multitask and still do well at every activity. Additionally, the new research indicates that a person’s IQ falls 10 factors when they are exaggeratedly stimulated by emails, messages, and phone calls.

Alternatively, time management specialists estimate that concentrating on one part at a time will double productivity, work output, and performance. And when you are running a small business, which can mean the difference between success and failure. Get yourself ready to do one thing at a time by setting a time for a task and after that pay attention to that task.

Time Management Tip 3: Use Step-by-Step Approach

It is one thing to set a detailed objective where the steps and increments needed to accomplish it are mentioned in advance. Many people set general objectives and then never follow through with them. For instance, consider New Year’s resolutions that are set every year. The issue with these types of objectives is that while they’re good ideas, people simply don’t realize how to apply them.

To make the best use of your time in your business, your day should be made up of a series of objectives that have particular milestones. For instance, if your intention is to get 5 new clients, you need to consider it through and note down all of the steps that you will need to take to get this done. By means of breaking large objectives into smaller steps, you will be able to appropriately accomplish your objectives since you understand exactly what steps have to be carried out along the way.

Time Management Tip 4: Organize Your Time

It is difficult to work in an organized way while the whole thing around you is in confusion. A study showed that almost 43% of US citizens consider themselves disorganized, and that lack of organization causes them to stay late at the workplace at least two nights per week.

Specialists agree that step one to increasing productivity is to clear and then arrange your space. Put off everything that isn’t needed, then create a system for the matters that are.

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4 Time Management Tips to Increase Small Business Productivity
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Lack of time is really a challenge for small businesses. We have compiled a list of time management tips so businesses can improve their productivity.
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