Although it is quite easy to get confused by the holidays and closing out the books for the year, the fact is that, as a small business owner, you constantly need to be looking ahead. Whether you have a startup business or an established one, it is essential to be aware of trends in the local business environment, online and around the world.

These trends will impact your business irrespective of what industry or market you serve. While a number of those business and technology trends may be more applicable for your own operations than others, they’re some of the most effective areas heading into 2018 that require you deal with them in your business strategy.

Tech Trend #1: Freelancing Is on Rise

While small businesses started to develop, opportunities arose to provide them with specialized services that have been specific to their size and need. At the same time as many thought they should just focus at the big businesses to make profits, those that understood the opportunities intrinsic in the small business market realized massive profits. At present, the next opportunity lies with services for freelancers, which might be also a unique customer segment.

The opportunity is excellent and only continuing to develop. According to the 2016 Freelancing in US survey, there are now 55 million freelancers in the US, which constitutes 35% of the American workforce. This number is anticipated to rise to 43% of American workforce by 2020.

Tech Trend #2: Non-Tech Founders

Now that a number of the major tech startups started via non-tech founders have become to become established businesses and found great success, the trend will only continue to grow. This indicates more opportunity for those of you out there that have an idea framed around technology, but have no understanding of developing anything in this field.

In case you are still unsure, you need to consider the fact that there are other trends nurturing the opportunity for trend. The increase in freelance developers and online marketplaces with affordable tech talent provide a lots of skill sets to help you create a viable product or solution from your idea. Even the investors are willing to invest their money with a non-tech founder if the concept is unsettling and expresses promise.

In case you are thinking about this, you need to follow those tech founders that were in the same situation to see how they proceeded and established their businesses.

Tech Trend #3: On-Demand Services

The on-demand trend has been flustering up the business-to-consumer market for retail businesses and developing a new way to offer a great experience. Now, businesses are starting to see the advantages of being capable to tap into different services each time they need them and reap better pricing and service in the process. The possibilities are infinite when it comes to developing a startup business to capitalize on this opportunity.

Businesses may want on-demand legal services once they have a question or a professional on a specific subject on the way to improve their approach. Businesses are already popping up that offer on-demand shipping, equipment leases, asset checking and more.

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Watch for These 3 Small Business Tech Trends in 2018
Watch for These 3 Small Business Tech Trends in 2018
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Keep your small business current on technology and on the cutting edge with these three big small business tech trends in 2018.
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