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2014 is the superb year for the restaurant industry, the US Nationwide Restaurant Association prognoses. This year would be the fifth consecutive year of sales increase, according to 2014 Restaurant Industry Forecast released. The forecast anticipate sales to leading $683 million this year, 3.6% significantly more than 2013’s $659.3 million.

This forecast also explains the Increase in restaurant industry employment to be at a more rapid speed than overall increase in 2013, tagging the 15th straight year where this has happened.

In US, restaurant industry is the second biggest employer, with 13.5 million employees in roughly 990,000 restaurants, or around 10% of the state’s workforce.

This forecast entails good news for restaurant business owners who want to have a productive year. President and CEO of National Restaurant Association Dawn Sweeney stated: ” As our nation continues its road to recovery, the restaurant industry will remain a key driver of economic growth and a leading jobs creator.”

According to NRA survey report, 40% participants stated that they often visit restaurants regularly as they were before. This comparison with preceding years survey of 25%, this increase gives an extremely obvious signal to restaurant owners: customers are more likely to visit restaurants more regularly than they are. The growth in the restaurant industry along with substantial increase in customers visiting to restaurants, signals a significant increase for the restaurant industry in 2014.

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