It is a fact that small business owners don’t have the luxury of a big network of like-minded experts. Every business has its own type of niche, interest and business plan, so you don’t know where to go for the business advice?

Whether you are a startup or an established business, you’d probably need someone or somewhere to discuss your business related problems and find their solutions. At present, the internet made the issues less depressed than ever before, if you have an issue, you can get thousands of solutions on internet. There are lots of small business forums that are specially aimed towards new business owners.

With lots of industries and interests, you are certain to find a forum for almost any business-related issue from getting a small business loans to deciding on the right type of business credit card. These corporate forums can be an excellent way to fill the knowledge gaps of business owners and you can also get professional advice.

Here are 11 of the best small business forums:

  1. Small Business Forums

Small business forums are a classic small business forum covering a wide range of topics you might be inquisitive about, such as taxes, financing, and regulatory issues. It also provide a classifieds phase where you can find experts to help you with your copywriting, social media marketing, website design and improvements, and search engine optimization requirements.

  1. Quora

This platform allows users/small business owners to ask small business related questions and issues and every appropriate answer has been voted on. Most business experts recommend Quora selectively, but, as it can act as a self-promotion platform sometimes. But in case you target your search, it’s an amazing opportunity to connect with professionals, find blog topics, and network with others in your industry.

  1. Small Business

Small business is an active message board that provides sections on starting a small business, managing a business, accounting and taxes, payroll and human resources, financing, and much more. You can also get help from Small Business for traditional and online marketing.

  1. BizWarriors

Bizwarriors is another excellent resource for connecting with other business owners. Small business owners can get access to information about planning, starting, and financing small business; however you can also get information specifically about customized sales, financing and accounting, human resources, and legal advice.

  1. Small Business Brief

This message board type forum publicize itself as small business ideas and knowledge sharing portal where you find help about small businesses. It offers guidance on many aspects of running a small business, especially online, which consist of email marketing, link building, social media management, and PPC advertising.

  1. CNET Small Business and Startups Forum

The CNET Small Business and Startups forum follows a question-and-answer layout about technology-related problems, and you can submit your personal query or browse through similar topics and threads. It shows a wide range of discussions on operating systems, software and hardware for small businesses.

  1. Small Business Computing and e-Commerce Forum

This forum mainly deals with computer systems and technology, as well as e-commerce issues that affect small businesses.

  1. FohBoh

FohBoh is one of the industry-specific platform that serve restaurant industry. On this platform, small business owners discuss a wide range of food service-related issues, like whether tipping is a good or bad idea, the way to encourage serving staff, and the potential value of reliability rewards packages for customers.

  1. QuickBooks Online Community

The QuickBooks Online Community forum is a question-and-answer based community operated by customers and professionals from QuickBooks who are ready to help you by sharing their business experiences. This will help you in setting up a business, accounts, sales, taxes and vendors.

  1. Practical Machinist

Practical Machinist is a virtual bulletin board claiming to be the leading manufacturing technology community on the web and providing recommendations from other members about the operations of one’s small business, shop management, and proprietor problems. More than the forum, this website additionally has videos and articles on related topics.

  1. Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is a great place for online discussions for business owners interested in digital marketing. Every member of this forum is open about sharing their knowledge regarding digital marketing and some related issues. For small business owners, who don’t want to communicate with others, they can read the blogs regarding their issues. Additionally, there are social groups and marketplace where you can promote your products or services as well.

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11 Best Small Business Forums to Help Your Small Business Grow
11 Best Small Business Forums to Help Your Small Business Grow
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Whether you're just starting up or growing, here are 11 best small business forums you can turn to when in need of an advice or feedback.
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