Whether you sell services or products online or provide your customers a way to find contact information, your website is the digital face of your business. Just like you wouldn’t let customers walk into a shop, you should not let them to click a slow and poorly designed landing webpage. A high bounce rate, or the proportion of site visitors who leave a website after viewing only the landing page, can be a result of several issues, such as broken hyperlinks and disturbing pop-up ads.

Here are some of the reasons customers might be leaving your website and how to entice them to stay.

  1. Outdated Design and Layout

It is a universal fact that we all judge books by their covers. In recent research, Dr. Elizabeth Sillence, a psychologist and researcher asked the participants to review some websites and rate whether they trusted or distrusted these website. The study found that almost 94% of cautious respondents attributed their apprehension to the website’s layout and design.

  1. Hard-To-Read Content

While visitors come in your website, one of the features they value most is clarity. Understand that not everyone that visits your website will understand all the terms in your industry. In case you are going to make use of technical terms, make sure to provide an explanation for them on first reference so that your readers can better understand the meaning. Better yet, save the technical terms till you’ve got them on board with your offerings.

  1. Your Page Is Overtaken With Ads

Advertisements are becoming progressively more nerve-wracking to internet users. Your potential customers don’t need to waste time on websites, which are ad-heavy, and for most businesses, it’s good not to have them at all. Visitors are more likely to stay on your website in case they don’t need to look through ads to get the content they are looking for.

  1. Unnecessary Popups and Redirects

Accept it that these redirections and popups are very upsetting. Hardly any customer clicks on these popups out of interest. But there are hundreds of websites that have numerous sign up pop ups or other advertisements related pop ups that only make visitors irritated; however also force them to leave those websites. Therefore, if you understand that you as a website visitor would never like such redirects or pop ups, then why to put all those on your website? Just consider about it and you may get the answer.

  1. Auto-Play Videos

I don’t know about you; however nothing makes me click on a website’s “back” button quicker than a video that auto-plays. At present, digital-savvy customers choose how and when they consume online content material. Criticizing them without their consent is a quick way to drive potential customers from your website without a purchase.

  1. Web Pages Take More Than 3 Seconds to Load

Any web page that takes longer than three seconds to load loses nearly half of its site visitors. This means that if your website is slow, you could lose half of your potential customers and send them back to the search results in which they will find one of your competitors. On mobiles, the time frame is a bit more lenient, and web pages are usually abandoned by 74% of people after five seconds. Still, the page loading time is important – and if it is not quick or take more than 3 seconds, you can be losing customers. And to fix it, you can reduce the size of your images on the website. You can remove pointless plugins from your web pages as well as you need to make sure you have a good hosting account.

  1. Too Many Calls to Action

Though it is way important to have calls to action on your website, but too many call-to-actions can be overwhelming. If visitors feel like they are barraged with buttons requesting their information, they will be puzzled about what to go for. This image indicates the perfect balance of what you need to have to your web page as much as calls to action. The call to actions displayed are easy to locate and they allow a place for visitors to act on their interest in your service.

  1. Lack of Multi-Channel Communication

Usually most of the websites used to have one contact number and one e-mail address for customer support. However at present the customers need more. They need quick support and don’t want to waste their time on long holding up on a phone calls or email replies. With the emerging technology, now it’s possible to have a browser based conversation. With this type of characteristic-click on to name now your customers can directly make audio/video calls to your support dealers from the website itself. So constantly try to have the nice and present day conversation alternatives to be had for your website. Due to the fact the less alternatives you have got for your website, the more your customers will leave you.

  1. Contact Us Page Is Not Available

Some other reasons why your customers may doubt the legitimacy and reputation of your business is the absence of the contacting information on the website. It is essential to offer contact information so that your customers can contact you if they need necessary. There are also some websites that offer quick message facility on their website, you can write a title, provide your email with the issue you are having and submit it. All of these things make difference in whether your customer will stay on your website or not.

  1. Complicated Checkout Process

In recent times, customers need the whole thing to be absolutely simple and smooth. They just do not like losing time in filling up complicated applications or going through some extra steps for online payments. In case the checkout process on your website is complicated and takes a lot of time, your customer will definitely leave your website, so you need to make it more convenient and simple to follow.

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10 Reasons Why Potential Customers Leave Your Business Website
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