Great customer service brings in good reviews and repeat customers. Successful small businesses understand the key to success is the quality customer service which drives loyalty and results in business productivity.

There are customer-centric businesses that make customer service mistakes. But the same can be avoided by paying attention and some effort. Below are top ten customer services mistakes that you need to avoid.

  1. Forgetting the Basics

There are some times when smallest things can make a customer’s experience with your small business a positive one. When the customer is angry or frustrated, the much appreciated and simple phrases that cost nothing are “Thank you”, “we’re sorry about the inconvenience”. The basics of customer service are patience, attentiveness, clear communication skills, product knowledge, positive language, time management skills, goal oriented focus, ability to handle unexpected events and persuasion skills.

  1. Lack Of Trained Staff

It does not matter whether you have 10 or 100 workers in your business, you should train all of them in the art of customer support services. Your customers will not tolerate the impoliteness and disrespect, wrong information, or uncaring attitude on the part of your workers. So not training all your workers is a big mistake that is usually made by the small business owners.

  1. Failing To Listen To Customers

Considering you understand what your customer needs, rather than listening to them, is a big mistake. Start teaching your staff about listening skills, mainly to the customer service representatives. Build up your strategies that strengthen the CSR to carefully listen to the customers – discard CSR scripts.

  1. Long Waiting on Phone Support

People are moving to alternative customer support service options rather than the phone, like in self-service options. It is just because they require their information quickly. They don’t have to hold back, inform your story to the customer support representative, or whatever else that takes time. Customers don’t want to be kept waiting for long.

  1. Arguing With Customers

It is important for you to remember that it takes so much cost and effort to get one new customer as compared to it does to keep up and continue with a current customer. If you’r e growing  as a small business owner, it is a well known fact that “the customer is always right.” In case you try to win an argument with a customer, you could lose a regular customer, and also by doing so you are punishing your business with lost revenue.

  1. Dropped Calls Or Web Connections

This is a friction point. You need to fix the problem rather than finding whose fault it is. It restarts the customer’s journey to resolve a problem or have a question answered.

  1. Fail To Deliver On Commitment

In case you commit to your customer that something will be ready by the end of week, then it should be ready by the end of week without any exceptions. In case you are unable to fulfill your commitments with customer for whatever reasons beyond your control, you don’t make excuses; all what you need to say is just “we are sorry for that” and also try to convince him and make him happy.

  1. Providing The Same Information Repeatedly

This makes the customers even more crazy. The major complaint is that customers have to provide their account information through their phones before being linked to customer service. And they get frustrated since they have to provide the same information again while they are being connected to CSR.

  1. Unrelated Online Phone Or Chat Menu Options

The major aim is to be simple and easy to do business with. Difficult searches are friction points. Optimistically, you have your questions answered and most common setbacks in an easy-to-search arrangement. You need to make sure that you make the additional option of linking with an agent by phone or chat at your convenience.

  1. Offerings Aren’t Relevant To Customer Inquiry

It may be exasperating to look out a website with the intention of finding a solution to your problem, only to discover that none of the options are relevant to the problem. Self-service customer service is a superb option as long as it meets the customers’ requirements.

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10 Customer Service Mistakes You Need To Avoid
10 Customer Service Mistakes You Need To Avoid
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There are customer-centric businesses that make customer service mistakes. Below are top ten customer services mistakes that you need to avoid.
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