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Image Source: Flickr

Learn The Fundamental Principals

Everyone knows what customer service is. You’ve even experienced the good, and the bad, when it comes to customer service when you are dealing with shops, restaurants, vendors, and every business that you have ever been to. So, how do you ensure that you are staying on your customer’s good side when it comes to service? Well, here are the basics of customer service that you need to know:

1. Put customer service at the top of your mission statement, core values, or goals list. When you put customer service first on your business goals statement, then you will be able to instill it in employees better. Great customer service starts at the top and ripples down to the smallest areas of your business. When you consider your customers in all the business decisions that you make, and create new policies with your customers in mind, then your employees will model their service attitude and goals after yours. Lead your employees to customer service greatness by example and they will always follow.
2. Be selective in your hiring process. When you seek out and hire those people who are customer service pros, your business succeeds. Find those employees that excel at customer service and are able to take charge of any situation and make the right decision for both the customer and your business. When you find them, snatch them up before your competition does, and make sure that you offer ongoing training to help them gain even more customer service skills.
3. Give your employees power to make the right decisions. When you have a clear set of customer service policies, train your employees in them so they will be able to make the right decisions when the time comes. By training them completely in what is acceptable and what isn’t, you will eliminate any fears of decision making that will pop up during the course of their employment. When they make good decisions, reward them. This will help to reinforce their values and decision making abilities so that they will continue to make good decisions.
4. Study your customers. Look at your best customer. What is it that makes him your best? His ability to purchase the most inventory from you each and every month? Or is it your long standing relationship over years and years of business? Is he easy to work with and deal with? Does he always treat you and your business with respect? When you analyze your best customer and know why he is your best, then you can better focus on how to bring in more customers like him instead of wasting time on those who just can’t be satisfied.
5. Get feedback continually. Feedback from both employees and customers is a wonderful way to find out where you or your business needs to improve. Talking to customers, setting out suggestion boxes, or sending out surveys can all be great ways of finding out what needs to improve and where your strong points are. Once you have this great feedback, you can begin to implement these changes in your business.

So, there you have it – the basics of customer service.

Practice Not Preach

Start here and work your way into the smaller, more detailed areas of customer service that will apply to your business and you will see your customer base begin to grow as current customers tell their friends and business partners about your business.

Monitor The Best Services

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