Fallacy Of Hired People

You have seen them, the “bad” employees. They are everywhere – supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, car repair shops, schools, government offices – everywhere! And, when you run into one, they make your opinion of that particular store, or company, turn sour. So, you leave the place thinking: “I don’t want that to happen to my business!” For any growing business today, the right employees can be one of the best assets you have. Without the right employees, you’ll have customers leaving thinking that same thing and have a lower opinion of you and your business no matter how good you think your services are. A bad employee can ruin it for the whole bunch.

Strategic Analysis

So, how do you overcome hiring problems and only hire good people to work for you? Well, it’s not an exact science, but here are some tips and ideas to help you out:

1. Place ads in several different places. Newspaper classifieds, online job posting services (such as Monster.com or HotJobs.com), or post the jobs on a bulletin board in your break room – have several different avenues to find prospective employees, don’t just rely on one vehicle to bring people in. Not only will you get more response on the open positions, but you’ll have a better stock to pick from when the resumes roll in to your office.
2. Make sure your ad is specific to the job. While some publications will charge by the word for a classified ad, go ahead and spend the money to ensure that you are very specific on what the open position entails. This way, you’ll know that the people who apply are already aware of what the job is, and you won’t waste time and money going through interviewing unqualified candidates.
3. Look at their resume – really look at it. If it looks too good to be true, check it out by calling their references, their past employers, and any other people or companies that they have listed. While you can’t specifically ask about their performance, ask if that person would rehire them. Their answer can give you a wealth of knowledge about how the person is and was on their last job. If they immediately say “yes” with a good attitude, you’ll know that your prospective employee was a great hand for that company. If they hesitate or say “no”, then you’ll know to look a bit further and that this person might not be the right fit for your business. Knowing that your new employees are truthful on their resume will help you with trusting them with your business.
4. A good indicator of how a person views themselves and their prospective job with you is how they dress for an interview. Take a good look at how they are dressed, how they present themselves, and how their attitude is overall. Just the way that all of these things interact with each other is a great look into how they will be when they work for you.
5. Probation periods are great. Place all your new employees on a “probation” period of a month or two. Review their work at the end of this period and give a raise if you can. Knowing that you are on a “trial” basis will help your new employee to work harder at learning what they need to know to stay on with your company. Also, if you find that the person isn’t a good fit for your business, you can easily explain this at the review, instead of waiting for a year or more to do it.
6. Use a temporary service – these can be great for a specialized area or to find great office help. While you can find good people by placing ads, a temporary service pre-screens people by their backgrounds, skills, job performance, and many other factors before they arrive at your doorstep. You can specify exactly what your new employee will need to be able to do and what types of skills they will need to have to excel in your business.

Follow Your Heart

There are many ways to find great employees in today’s competitive job market. But, one of the main things to remember is to trust your instincts. If you just don’t feel good about a prospective employee, don’t hire them and don’t allow anyone else to pressure you into hiring them. The way that a new employee comes across to you, the boss, is a great measure of how they will function in your business when they are a full-time employee.

Link In Great Business Prospects

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