Reams and reams of paper, and thousands upon thousands of site pages, have been dedicated to the ways and means to expand the customer base, generate new markets for a product or service being offered. Yet many businesses fail to keep the eye on the ball once they actually get it; that is, they fail to keep the customers they already have because they failed to develop one of the most important factors in a business: customer service.

Secret Of Customer Care

Customer service is not a game of numbers, like marketing. It is much more concrete in terms of actual sales and losses. Having a humongous customer base will not guarantee continued success of a business; one major glitch in operations or even just a rumor of a glitch and it could all melt away. Keeping even just 10 customers happy will ensure that they will be repeat customers and, even better, will tell all their friends and family about it. Chances are they will stick with such a company through thick and thin. Here are some classics that are still true today for keeping customers happy.

Accurate Scrutiny

The customer is always right. Yes, that old quip is quite true, but should not be taken literally. The typical customer will never agree they are in the wrong, no matter that dropping the product was the reason it will no longer work. However, it will not do to point this out bluntly. Agree that things are so shoddily built nowadays, and agree that it is a shame. After a while, offer to repair the item for free or to replace it at a big discount and chances are the customer will agree happily. The loss in sales will be more than made up when the customer tells people how nice people are in that store.

Fidelity Facet

The customer is king. Each customer must be treated like royalty, without exception, even if they leave without purchasing anything. A customer will more likely come back or become repeaters if they feel they were treated with importance. Simple things like remembering the customer’s name or their last purchase has unlimited mileage in terms of customer satisfaction and morale. A happy customer is a buying customer.

First impressions are very important. In the initial encounter with a new customer, it is very important to get it right the first time. Passing on poor quality products or work will virtually guarantee that the customer will not come back, no matter how many freebies or guarantees are offered for a second chance. Worse, the disgruntled customer will tell everybody they know about the experience.

Honor Of Customer Care

Reward loyalty. It will take very little to offer repeat customers freebies and special benefits. This can be done unsolicited; perhaps to celebrate the first time the customer ever made purchase. The returns can be huge.

It is important to make the business attractive to draw in more customers, but keeping existing ones are even more important. These are the people who are already responsible for keeping the business alive, and should not be taken for granted or overlooked.

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