Every alternative option is always evaluated against the norm or convention despite how strong it is. Be it types of food, the newest way to cook new burger, or if a merchant cash advance is the right funding option. We at Merchant Advisors can’t tell you if arugula should be in a burger, but we can assist you resolve the myths and delusion involve in a (MCA) merchant cash advance funding.

There are four major myths the pessimists seem to use when they talk about alternative business financing.

Myth #1: MCA Is For Bad Credit Business

Many seems to believe the fact that only businesses that have bad credit it about to fail can get a merchant cash advance. But in reality its not true! Merchant cash advance also called business cash advance is the most suitable and easily availed financing options for businesses that require constant influx of capital. Merchant Advisors’ partners with small businesses like you that are searching for quick financial boost to build their businesses. Also, merchant cash advances are flexible and work in almost all financial conditions.

Myth #2: MCA Is Costly

Costs are always attached with loans but with merchant cash advance, there are flexible payment options available. At Merchant Advisors, we take a fixed percentage of your business’s credit card sales, or an Automated Clearing House (ACH) option where we debit a selected amount from your account. The use of ACH Processing offers the security to your business since transactions are done electronically. And, unlike bank loans, there are no hidden fees, collateral or personal guarantee, or other liability and just little primary investment.

Myth #3: MCA Takes Long To Approve

Most people believe the fact that merchant cash advance approval is length. Getting a merchant cash advance is easy and quick. Just fill an online loan application form and provide few pieces of your financial information to the lender and you’re good to go. After your information is examined, you’ll get approved in just 1 hour. At Merchant Advisors, our skilled financial advisors will get you through the loan process and get you funding in just 48-72 hours with cash up to $500,000!

Myth #4: MCA Industry Is Emerging

We aren’t some unreliable business financing company. Merchant Advisors is an A+ rated company from the BBB, and has been a leader in ACH processing, credit card processing and business cash advance funding with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Our unsurpassed knowledge and resolute promise to customer service makes us an unbeatable flagship platform for small businesses.