Image Source: Flickr

Image Source: Flickr

As a small business owner getting plenty of sleep each night may not be your top priority but may affect your health and business gradually. According to research conducted by psychologists of 4,200 small business owners with questions about health, sleep and affect on their small business. The researched participants said they needed an average of 7.6 hours of sleep a night but only got 6.4 hours of sleeps, about 10% reported having insomnia because of lack of cash and funding for their small businesses, 45% said they had trouble sleeping with too much on their mind in regard of their fiscal matters, and the residual small business owners were 45% who were good sleepers.

Research Analysis On Small Business Owners

Performance and output in the small business was significantly lower among those business owners that had insomnia and other sleep troubles than those who slept well. Meaning only 45% with good cash flow were peaceful in their sleep and business success.

Cash A Spell To Your Small Business

Heard about cast a spell? This time around let cash cast a spell. Let the cash rule your small business. Merchant Cash Advance is fast and easy way for small business owners to get the funds needed for their small businesses. Merchant Cash Advance the best funds provided to small businesses are different from the usual bank loans that require lethal collateral, lengthy paper works and laborious reviews of business financial and credit history. A Merchant cash advance is the best alternative solution for financing for small businesses. If a business wants to prosper they should not consider in cramping their brain cells over bank loans application, and being disappointed on rejections. As the banks have been tight with their money since the beginning of the credit crisis in late 2007. During the recession the credit has just gotten tighter. Recently, President Obama’s administration strongly urged both large and small businesses to increase their lending to small businesses in order to stimulate the economy and speed up economic recovery. In that case, merchant cash advance works well, when a small business gets Merchant Cash Advance the cash flow increases the working capital, increasing the business in general. Merchant cash advance is indeed a great financing source for small businesses. A merchant cash advance is type of receivable financing, it is targeted receivable financing with only receivables used through credit card payments. The biggest plus point of this idea is if a small business goes out of business, the advancing business takes the loss. In other words you are backed up by no collateral loan by Merchant Advisors. During the time of recession when 33,000 small business owner get rejected by the banks, Merchant Advisors takes stand for these businesses and provide immediate cash flow with increase business funding. Small business survival is necessary to the recovery of the US economy. Since the credit crisis began, small businesses are making wiser decision by allowing massive cash flow with merchant cash advance .

Lights Outs Its Bed Time

Try avoiding bright lights at night, try avoiding collateral heavy bank loans. It suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone produced by brains pineal gland that helps regulate the circadian rhythm. In other words, increasing cash flow with massive cash that is tax free is ultimate gate to sweet slumber and successful small business.