A merchant cash advance (MCA) is not basically a loan; however the cash advance is primarily based on the credit card sales of a business. A small business can apply for merchant cash advances and feature an advance deposited into its account rather quickly.

Merchant cash advance lenders assess risk and check credit standards in a different way than a banker. A merchant cash advance lender looks at the daily credit card receipts to find out if the business can pay back the funds in a timely way. Basically in this setting, a small business sells a part of future credit card sales to get capital instantly.

The merchant cash advance rates can be higher as compared to other business financing programs and depending on the lender, can be extremely high. It is important for you to understand the terms you’re being offered so you can make a well-informed decision about Return on Investment.

Is Merchant Cash Advance A Safe Option?

As with any other business lending option, there are some things that you can do to protect yourself from specifically voracious lending. Primarily, keep away from lenders that make you pay exorbitant fees. Most of the lenders will collect their share of profits from interest. If lenders additionally rely on fees, particularly if there are a lot of them, it is probably a good sign that this particular lender isn’t in the best shape. You may also observe it this way: since charging more than one costs isn’t best practice for merchant cash advance lenders, you’re very likely to be able to find a deal anywhere else.

Of course, you will need to do your part to make certain that this option is ideal for you. Banks, particularly large banks, assume that you don’t have any idea what your finances look like or what you can afford, so that they work to make sure the loan in question isn’t irresponsible. Merchant cash advance lenders, by their nature, don’t clearly work like that. Actually, it is the opposite. Because of this, the business owner is answerable for establishing the responsibility of the cash advance. On the other hand, the business owner has to make certain that the loan pay off.

How An MCA Work?

A merchant cash advance isn’t a loan; as an alternative, it’s an advance payment towards your business’ future profits. The lender provides you cash that is then paid back automatically using a percentage of your daily credit card receipts.

The percentage you pay is also known as the holdback or retrieval rate.  Usually this percentage can be 5-25% primarily based on the amount of the advance, your business’ credit card sales and the reimbursement term. Based on the cash advance amount, terms can be as short as 90 days or as long as 18 months. Repayment starts immediately after the funds are acquired.

The amount you can borrow is decided by way of your average credit card sales. Lenders will evaluate your receipts over the last three to six months to assess how much amount of cash you are eligible for.

How To Apply For An MCA

The time it takes to get authorized for merchant cash advances may be anywhere from hours to a couple of days, depending on the documentation and some other information. And once the process is approved, a business could see the funds in their account within a couple of days.

The application process is not as complex as a conventional loan, which normally makes the approval process a quicker option. Here are the steps a small business needs to take:

Apply For Funding

Generally, the merchant cash advance application will be almost 2-3 pages and you’ll be requested for your social security number, business tax ID, and some other type of important information about your business are required.

Provide Documentation

You will in all likelihood be requested for a couple of months of credit card processing in addition to bank statements. You will possibly be asked to offer a copy of the lease for the business location as well as proof of citizenship.

Get Approved

It is able to be as quick as 24 hours for your business to be authorized for a merchant cash advance.

Set Up The Credit Card Processing

This sort of funding may also require the business to switch to a new credit card processor. It can be inconvenient to replace processors however it’s important part of the approval process for many cash advance providers.

Get The Funds

The cash from the merchant cash advance will be deposited into the small business’ bank account and reimbursement through the merchant account will start automatically.

Benefits of Using An MCA

Merchant cash advances has several features that make them an appealing funding source. While thinking about an advance, those are the most important blessings to keep in mind.

Simple Application Process

As with certain types of small business loans or lines of credit, applying for merchant cash advances is something small business owners can do completely online. You can fill the application and upload with any important supporting documentation that is required, along with your bank account statements, credit card processing statements and business tax returns.

Quick Funding

One of the primary selling points of an MCA is the potential for quick approval and funding. Lenders can render a decision within hours and deliver the funds to you in a couple of days. That is truly a benefit in case you need quick cash to cover the payroll, pay the bills or an unexpected business expense. You can get the merchant cash advance reviews for different companies to select the one that suits your business needs best.

Perfect Credit Isn’t Required

A strong business and personal credit score is a requirement for most of the business loans; however the cash advance lenders are more compassionate where credit is concerned. Your potential to get approved based more on how consistent your credit card sales and how long you’ve been in business versus how much other debt you may be carrying or your past payment history. Take into account that a cash advance in all likelihood will not help you to build your credit since most of the lenders don’t report them to the credit bureaus.

No Collateral Required

When going to a bank for a loan for your small business, it is a common expectation that you will need to provide collateral to get the funding. The collateral is the bank’s insurance policy in the event that you default on what you have borrowed. In agreement, MCAs are unsecured so that you don’t have to put any business or personal assets on the line to get one.

Flexible Payments

Small business loans which have a fixed interest rate also have a fixed payment, which means you owe the same amount every month. Even as that may be helpful for budgeting your costs and expenses, it may be complicated when you have a sluggish month and are not capable of making the regular payment.

Merchant cash advances provide more flexibility due to the fact that the payments are based totally on a flat percentage of your credit card sales. In case the cash advance terms require you to commit 15% of the credit card receipts to repayment, for example, the real dollar amount will vary based totally on the total amount of sales for the month. Effectively, your payments are balanced to what your business is bringing in.

Excessive Borrowing Limits

In the end, merchant cash advance industry offers the flexibility in terms of how much amount you can borrow. It is possible to get an advance of only some thousand dollars; however there are some companies that increase the borrowing limit up to $2,000,000. That may be more kind as compared to what a traditional bank might be willing to provide, especially in case you lack excellent credit or adequate collateral.

Your annual percentage rates stand for the full borrowing cost of your merchant cash advances, which includes all interest rates and related costs. This figure also depends on how much time it takes you to pay off the advance in full. Use the APR calculator to evaluate the borrowing cost of your cash advance with that of other small business loans.

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