is a merchant cash advance better than a business loan
The answer is simple.
YES. Merchant Cash Advance is better than a business loan.

Small business owners often remain confused between Merchant Cash Advance and Business Loans. They do not know which will suit them best and hence end up making the wrong decision, which in the end effects their small business.

No matter how well structured a business is, at the end of the day, working capital is the most significant thing without which businesses cannot function well.

There are several alternatives available in the market for funding for an established business with great credit. Other business owners who lack funding for sustaining their businesses can now acquire working capital from private investors such as credit card factoring.

Reasons Why Merchant Cash Advance is Better Option
• The process of getting a merchant cash advance is quicker and far less tedious than a bank loan.
• Your loan gets approved in 1 hour and you get the cash needed in just 5 days.
• You must show a track record of debit or credit card receivables to qualify.
• Many businesses that can’t qualify for a commercial loan can qualify for a merchant cash advance; your chances for approval are 90 % higher than a bank loan.
• You can use the money any way you choose, anywhere and anytime you want to. You repay the cash advance according to your sales. The advantage of merchant cash advance is that if business is down, your repayment slows down as well. The advantage is Merchant Advisors offer easy repayment terms.

On the other hand, other sources of funding, such as banks, are not steadfast. They may accept your loan application. Store it in piles of paperwork and then after a lapse of 6 months reject it all together. Also, small business owners hardly have a chance of acquiring financing from banks. Hence, the final and most suitable option for small business owners is Merchant Cash Advance.
Bank loans ask for a lot of paperwork with business history and documentation of all varieties. Also, repayment conditions are fixed and ask for fixed amount every month, which means that if you endure a distressing month at your small business, you still have to repay the fixed amount to the bank, due to which you continue struggling to settle your balance.

Conducting business with merchant companies who readily provide Merchant Cash Advance as opposed to a traditional bank loans is exceptionally better for businesses facing tough situation.