A vendor is a supply chain management term meaning anyone who provides goods or services to a small business. A vendor often manufactures inventorial items and sells theses items to a customer. More and more vendors are jumping on the bandwagon to support and help their small business customers through web initiatives.


It is just as significant to communicate with your vendor as it is to communicate with your clients and customers. Establishing the proper communication channel and informal flow between you and your suppliers can lead to increase efficiencies, reduced costs and better customer service. The simplest way of communication is on the phone and other ideas that will allow your small business a win-win relationship with your vendors.

No matter what your business is, vendors play a key role in the success of your business. To keep an optimistic outflow of support by your vendor, you need to consider few things to stay connected and be in good books of your vendor.


Allow Vendors Strategic Planning

Allow vendors to build a relationship with your small business that will strength your ties with the supplier and service providers. To manage a vendor is costly, so don’t negotiate on the lowest price possible. As the vendors strategy will mutually benefit both the vendors business and your small business.

Share Priorities

To be on the good side of a vendor, share your small business info and priorities. That doesn’t mean to give bank statements or your private ID’s and password. For an appropriate vendor, providing necessary info at the right time allows the vendor to provide better services as per your business needs. Shared information may include forecast info, service or product launches, change in services and expansion or rearrangement change.

Honest Commitment

One of your goals to be on vendors good books is to allow them to assist and support the operations of your business. Vendors expect a certain level of commitment from you. But that austerely doesn’t mean to have blind faith on vendors and allow them to dictate.

Allocate All The Help

Get all the help and support by vendors key supplies to your operational services, allow their strategic meetings that involve the work you do. As you allow the vendors to make your services better, you allow them to build a trust amidst your small business and the vendor business.

Bond With Vendor

Venders manage your small business by seeking long term relationships over short term gains and marginal cost saving. Allowing them to build a bond of trust and work commitment.

Put Yourself In Vendors Shoes

You’ve heard the saying” put yourself in my shoes”. Allowing the vendors to operate for the betterment of your business, you need to understand that vendors themselves are also in business. Don’t constantly lean on cutting costs, either way their quality might suffer or they might go out of business. Inquire about their business as they inquire about yours, this will create a mutual trust and understanding in your long term relation with the vendor.

Consult To Compel The Wining Harmony

Good vendor’s relationships are completed in negotiations that build good faith. Look for points to ponder that can help both sides accomplish their goals in their respected businesses.

Last But Not The Least

To be in a good side to your vendor, be prepared to meet their expected payment for their support and expertise. Pay more in order to receive quality.

End Result

Keeping the above mentioned facts in mind, you are sure to be on the good side of your vender and now know exactly why! For small business loans solutions, check Merchant Advisors and let Merchant Advisors bring you ample room for growing your business with their gigantic magnitude business loans.