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With the beginning of every new year small business owners ask themselves how they can grow and stabilize their local ventures against big box vendors and national enterprises. Questions they ask themselves are

What are their new business plans to achieve this year?
What will be their marketing and growth strategy for the new year?
Should they grow their businesses geographic footprint?
Should they invest in new hardware / equipment to enhance productivity?
Can upgrading their existing location help in sales?

All these questions when answered with a positive YES translates into one single adjective “Working Capital“. Which brings them to the next question, where can they get the required business capital in a timely and hassle free manner? Traditional lending options like, banks, leases and family money take a lot of effort and require asset’s and a long business history coupled with impeccable credit. Even if you have all that is required you still need to wait for the money to be funded for quiet some time. What’s the answer than,


Have you been turned down by the banks?
You cannot achieve your business plans without business capital. Business cash advance loans don’t need great credit score. They look more at your forecasted credit card sales than your history of credit score.

How quickly do you need the money?
Bank loans can sometimes take months before they go through. If a chance provides itself today, it may not be around the next day. You can typically get the money you need within few days with business cash advance.

Flexible payment schedule
Bank loans requires that you pay a set amount each month irrespective of the business performance. It become really difficult during time of recession to keep up. A business cash advance takes a portion of your daily credit card sales to pay back the funds. The advantage of this is that when you have a slow period, your payback is less.

Majority of businesses enjoying the facilities of Business Cash Advance are the one’s who were turned down by the banks for not meeting their prerequisites laid down to qualify for the advance, such as bad credit history, type of business, not having a collateral to offer and other requirements. A business cash advance is a definite way out in this complicated business environments. It can either be a life line for a shattered business or a path to a more successful future.