It is a fact that Merchant Cash Advance is a potent force which gives a major boost to the business. This is evident from the figures of last two quarters of this year compared to the same period of last year; there is an increase of more than 50% in the business only due to the Merchant Cash Advance / Advance Funds Network (AFN). Majority of businessmen who have utilized the Merchant Cash Advance , they attribute the boom in the business to AFN. It is hassle free and easy to obtain, therefore very popular among the businessmen seeking loan to run their businesses

Businessmen are more inclined towards AFN companies for getting loan for their business, as the banks have further tightened their prerequisite for sanctioning loans to businessmen. Banks are tightening there prerequisites based on poor credit rating, declining economy, rise in loan defaulters and the effects of these defaults on the banks. AFN companies provide funds in form of loans of various types based on the requirement of the businessmen through an easy and hassle free process as compared to the tough loan processing procedures of the banks. The payback system is the most attractive of all the feature of AFN. It exerts zero burdens on the borrower and the businessmen remain free to concentrate on other matters. Payback is based on receivable of sales with no time limits.

Advance Funds Network or commonly known as AFN among the small business community is providing valuable financial services to the business community since 2007. It is providing finances through various methods like Unsecured Business Line of Credit, Fast Merchant Cash Advances and Small Business Loans. The procedure of getting the loan is based on a simple and easy process and the payback of loan is based on monthly revenues. Thus AFN are converting the Future Sales of a business into a valuable Capital. AFN were declared Best-in- Class in 2010.