• Perplexed in making a decision, which path to choose?
  • Want fast flow of cash real quick to get the business running?

Here’s the difference- To choose wisely

Bank Loans
Business Cash Advance
Must have collateral Completely unsecured
High Credit score required Bad credit no problem
Personal financial statement needed Only few months of merchant statement required
Must approve your business plan No restrictions on how to use the fund
Long waiting period of approval 48 hours approval
Long waiting period of funding Get cash wired in 72 hours
Fixed monthly payment Flexible repayment

5 Reasons Why A business Cash advance Is Better Than A Bank Loan.

One of the best part about receiving a business cash advance from Merchant Advisors is the speed of which you can receive your money. From the amount of time it takes to be approved to the amount of time it takes for the money to be funded into your account, we offer speed that the banks just can’t provide. You get approved in 48 hours and get the cash in 72 hours.

Bad Credit Ok

Merchant Advisors small business cash advances are not funded based on personal information. Your credit score is not important to us. They are able to provide you with a business cash advance because we purchase your future credit card sales. Therefore, it doesn’t matter to us if you’ve made a few late credit card payments in your lifetime.

No Hassle For Payments

Merchant Advisors don’t want to add “remember to make monthly payments” to the long list of things that you must do in order to run your business. A business cash advance known as merchant cash advance involves you receiving cash for selling a small portion of your future Master card and Visa receipts. Repayment is automatic, hassle free, and best of all, Merchant advisors only get paid when you get paid.

No Collateral

It is often necessary to have collateral (assets that will be taken if the borrower can not pay back the loan) in order to receive a bank loan. Collateral can come in the form of a car, house, stocks, bonds, etc. However, not owning these things can make it difficult, sometimes even impossible to qualify for a bank’s small business loan. With Merchant Advisors , collateral is unnecessary, opening the doors of opportunity to a countless number of small business owners.

Renewals For Merchant Cash Advance

Sure Merchant Advisors offers, fast funding for your small business with few requirements and easy repayment; but the fun doesn’t stop there. We are interested in continuing to provide you with our services. To build your business and grow it, we stand with you-All the way!

Time To Decide

  • Do you want to knock the doors of every bank and get knocked out?
  • Or you want to knock out every bank loan with Merchant Advisors business cash advance!

Fair Play!