fast cash for your business
A company needs a continuous supply of cash for effective performance and growth. From daily business operations to growth strategies all aspects of the business requires financial commitments. Working Capital is the best source a company needs. Whether you are looking to purchase new equipment or planning to increase inventory, or thinking of starting new divisions or transform the current ones or simply in need to pay off your financial obligations, working capital is the best solution for all your business financial needs.

Most often, people tend to mix up working capital with a business cash advance but there are essential variations between them. Business Cash Advance is usually a quicker way of getting cash for businesses than working capital. That’s why most businesses prefer Business Cash Advance over working capital.

Before approving for working capital many merchant companies considers business credit score, available collateral and other important factors. On the other hand, business cash advance follows simple procedure. The major benefits of getting business cash advance includes less paperwork hassle and the money deposited in account in less than 72 hours.

Another benefit of business cash advance is that there’s no repayment schedule. A Business Cash Advance known also as a Merchant Cash Advance allows you to receive cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. Once approved, your Business Cash Advance will be deposited into your business checking account giving you immediate access to needed funds.

Though it’s important to maintain a good credit score in order to qualify for a working capital loan but Business cash advance provides company the cash it needs even when the business is operating on breakeven point. The point is from where should you begin when you need a funds for business? If traditional bank loans are not an option then a Business Cash Advance from Merchant Advisors may be the perfect alternative for you.

Why Business cash advance from Merchant Advisors is the best option:

• They guarantee to get you approved for Merchant Cash Advance with more cash at the lowest cost of funds.
• They offer the longest Business Cash Advance payback period in the industry – 12 months.
• Their Business Cash Advance and Merchant Cash Advance has lowest daily payback terms. Easier on your daily cash flow.
• Provide Full disclosure of all Merchant Cash Advance fees and terms so you can be sure the decision for a Business Cash Advance is the right one for your business.