Injecting a sound amount of working capital can reduce the needs of funds but there may still exist those situations where a business needs to procure capital equipment or fulfilling operational expenses. That is where business cash advance comes into play. Business cash advance offers a funding alternative to small businesses to grow and expand. It is regarded as the easiest method to secure funds for business diversification.

The question is what exactly a business cash advance loan? A Business Cash Advance known also as a Merchant Cash Advance allows you to receive cash in exchange for the purchase of a small portion of your future Visa- and MasterCard- receipts. Once approved, your Business Cash Advance will be deposited into your business checking account giving you immediate access to needed funds.

Two types of cash advances are available namely; the unsecured business cash advance and the secured business cash advance. In unsecured business cash advance loan, neither collateral is required nor borrower is personally liable to pay back business cash advance. The credit card receipts can be sold by the borrower at discounted rates to avail business cash advance. But in case of secured business cash advance, collateral is a must thing.

The benefit of getting a business cash advance is that there’s no fixed payment schedule and no personal guarantee required. This helps entrepreneurs to keep business running and growing.

Small businesses often faces difficulties in getting funding from banks. They require collateral, application fee and hassle documentation.If traditional bank loans are not an option then a Business Cash Advance from Merchant Advisors may be the perfect alternative for you. Merchant Advisors knows how important capital is to any business. They have provided a platform for millions of individuals and small business owners to connect with the leading start up business loan options available at any point in time. The benefits include

1) They guarantee to get you approved for Business Cash Advance with more cash at the lowest cost of funds.
2) They offer the longest cash advance payback period in the industry – 12 months.
3) Their Business Cash Advance has lowest daily payback terms. Easier on your daily cash flow.
4) Full disclosure of all Merchant Cash Advance fees and terms so you can be sure the decision for a Business Cash Advance is the right one for your business