Cash flow is everything to a business of every size, and when profits are low and you are in desperate need of some additional capital, a merchant cash advance might be simply the way to get your business on the track again to its maximum earning capacity. There any many types of business financing options that are helpful to different businesses; therefore look through the following advantages to determine if a business cash advance is the right option for your business.

Speedy Process

One of the basic reasons entrepreneurs of all types small or large pick a business cash advance is that the approval process is quick and short as compared to average business financing, normally in just 24 hours.

If you have been through the business loan process then you must know that the process of average business loan approval takes so much time. However on the other hand, with business cash advance, you don’t need to wait for weeks or months for the approval. The approval process only takes a couple of hours.

Here I also want to include the online applying process of cash advance; you can also apply it through filling an online loan application provided on the lender’s website. The business cash advance can be important for your business success since the speed and service can have an enormous effect on your customer’s satisfaction.

In case you are in a situation where you are looking to buy some kind of business equipment or want to purchase some extra inventory for holiday season, the quick process of a business cash advance can help you in your needed time.

Cash Advance Repayment

The cash advance repayment terms are quite different as compared to average business loan. While the traditional loans need a predetermined amount of cash in terms of repayment and also the repayment date, the business cash advances require only a little predetermined fraction of your every day sales until the cash advance is completely paid off.

This will surely benefit businesses at some point of their slow times, because since there are no heavy fees or charges connected for late or overdue payments, as normally are with the traditional bank loans.

Furthermore, the fraction deducted from your sales by the lenders will increase as your sales does, so you should ensure that this will not pessimistically affect your business enterprise.


The guarantees that should to be made to get access to the traditional loan normally don’t apply to a business cash advance. Plus there is no collateral requirement as with traditional bank loans. Your personal credit will not be affected.

This can be a massive gain to entrepreneurs who’ve low credit rates and are not able to get traditional bank loans with a low interest rate. Due to this reason, the business cash advance lenders are taking the risk to your business enterprise and relying on you to make certain the business’ success so they get paid back.

While the advantages of a business cash advance will fulfill the requirements of some entrepreneurs, they additionally want to determine if dropping a fraction of each and every sale will be an unnecessary burden for their developing and emerging business. All of these components need to be taken into consideration when picking the appropriate kind of financing for your business enterprise.