What Is Franchise?

Franchise is an alternative to building ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid investment and liability over a chain. A franchise is legal relationship between the franchisors (who the owner of a trademark, service marks, trade name or advertising symbol) and an individual (franchise) that desires the right to use those features in a small business.

Generally, a franchise sells the goods or provides services that are supplied by the franchisor at the franchiser’s quality stand and level.

What Is Franchise Business Loan?

A franchise loan is financing made available by a lender so that the franchise can acquire a franchise business.

Hurdles In Getting A Business Loan For Franchisees

It’s difficult to qualify for a business loan from banks for your franchise business even with perfect credit. Banks tend to evaluate prospective borrowers in terms of these questions.

    • How much cash does the borrower have to invest in business?
    • How much collateral does the borrower have to secure the loan?
    • What is borrower’s credit history?
    • What is borrower’s managerial and work experience, especially as it relates to their prospective franchise business?
        • Where to go?
        • How to get the business loan?
          • Approval terms are easy; franchise funding is unlike your typical business loan and is backed by private money, making even those with bad credit eligible.
          • Your funding is approved and wired directly to your account within days, not weeks of approval, so you can use the money for not only what you require it, but how you require it, as well.
          • Pay back at the term that you earn your repayment terms are based on a percentage of your income, not a specific amount. If you only make $500 one month and $5,000 the next, your payment are not going to be the same for both months as they would with a traditional bank loan.
          • Quick payback terms. Merchant Advisors franchise financing solutions are rapid within months, not years. Don’t wait forever to get what you need; With Merchant advisors get the positive cash flow right away.

      Avail The Best Opportunity For A Business Loan


      If your thinking of upgrading outdoor signage or buying new grill equipment. Let Merchant Advisors get you the money to keep up with the latest trends. Merchant Advisors put no obligations or collateral for your franchise business .

      Surpass The Daunting Deadlines

      You’re franchise’s contractual obligation are going to be set on a deadline, and Merchant Advisors know how daunting the deadlines can be. That’s why they offer:

      Today’s credit crunch is leaving very few options for business to turn to for cash flow, and even fewer for franchise funding? Merchant Advisors franchise funding specialist have the solution you need to get your finances back on track and ready to go , even when the banks don’t.

      Truthful Facts For Getting A Business Loan

      There are always three sides to every story: your side, the other side and the truth. Merchant Advisors franchise financing is the truthful odyssey that will lead your business to the summit of success.

Exhausted By Restrictions And Refusals By Banks?

So you have bad credit, you’ve tried every bank but all you hear is refusals! When all you want is a loan for your franchise.