Over the past few years, small business lending industry has changed a lot. This trend was driven by the tight lending criteria and high denials of loan applications around 2008, causing small businesses to look for other sources like alternative lending solutions to secure working capital. Occasionally, when a community experiences such changes, it’ll never really return.

When banks tighten their lending criteria after the economic downturn, many small businesses were deprived with a consistent funding source. Even currently, it’s not just the traditional lenders that are uncertain to drop the hammer. Many businesses have become very debt reluctant, meaning such long-term loan pledges has made them ponder from bank lending.

At Merchant Advisors, our main objective has always been to assist small businesses with a range of quality loan options. Our vision is to be an easy to use online funding source. Our experienced financial advisors in the business financial industry helped us to make this vision a reality.

The economy is recovering, but that doesn’t mean traditional lenders have tone up their lending criteria for small businesses. For many years, we’ve been able to deal with this problem by offering our Small Business Loan Program. Our easy 3 step online loan application process gets rid of most of the traditional lending difficulties and hurdles that make bank loans stressful to secure.

We don’t just take your stringent FICO scores while deciding a potential borrower. Instead, we have an developed a flexible approach to small business financing. Our small business loan program serves many benefits making it stand out from traditional options including:

1)      Fast & Easy Application Process

With alternative lending fast and easy loan application process, getting quick decision and approvals is just a click away. We don’t need the bulky documentation that traditional lenders do. Actually, there are simple 3 steps you need to fill out to get a loan. Most business owners spent hours filling out all the papers to apply for a loan and approach banks and that’s a lot of wasted time as mostly ends with denial.

At Merchant Advisors, approval for small business loans can be determined within 24 hours and the funds deposited in your account within a few days. The sooner you get the financing, the sooner you can make those critical investments in your business.

  • High Rate Of Loan Approval

We’ve provided more than $600 million in working capital to thousands of small businesses over the years. We have more than 95% approval rates because of our alternative financing approach enabling us to conclude a company’s future potential.

While banks take a business credit history and various key metrics, we exclusively focus on your future. We take your present business performance into account not just arbitrary numbers to review your ability to make revenues.

  • Flexible Repayment Plans

After you successfully get a loan, we offer flexible repayment plan according to your business position. We know every business is unique, and our objective is to offer you something that works best with your unique situation.

It’s What We Do – It’s All We Do

According to Harvard Business School, SBA former administrator Karen Mills said: “these alternative players have potentially changed the way in which businesses secure working capital. Because these players are pushing novelty within the lending sector just like other online startups like Amazon.com changed retail and Square changed the small business payments.”

Our Small Business Loan is all what we do to help you do business efficiently. We guess it’s the best time to learn more about some alternatives loan options to get business financing rapidly and easily.