The fact that you are here only means that either you are looking for funds to starts a new business, or bad credit is hanging over your shoulder and making every day a doomsday. You want to dip your hands in the stream of extra cash flow to supplement funding. So, cheer up! We are here to tell you how to find a bad credit business loan.

Things standing in the way of Small Business Owners

If you don’t know what is standing in your way then how will you take necessary precautions to improve your status? Primarily traditional lenders strictly look at the following aspects:

  • Credit Score

A credit score is like your performance card; all traditional lenders and alternative lenders love to look at it. Your score is designed on the basis of five factors – also known as 5 C’s:

According to FICO, if your credit score ranges from 300-629, unfortunately, you are camping under the shade of Poor Credit Score. Applying for a small business loan is a gloomy battle, but worth fighting for.

  • Annual revenue

There is a criterion set by the lenders involving annual revenue. If you meet the bar, only then you will be considered for the loan.

  • Time in business and recent bankruptcies

Can you be trusted enough? Is your credit record straight and clean? How many payments have you made on time since you have been running a business? All of these factors are taken into account.

Please be mindful that the lower your credit score is the higher the annual percentage interest rate will be. It includes all the interest rate and all the fees on the loan.

Factors you need to keep in mind before applying for a small business loan:

  1. Looking for a small business loan for your start-up? It is evident that you won’t be having a stellar credit score. In this case, your personal credit score will come at play. It is important to acknowledge the relationship between personal credit score and business loan approval.
  2. Another factor is to comprehend and understand the ups and downs of interest rate according to the score.
  3. Furthermore, weigh the pros and cons of alternative and traditional lenders.
  4. The most important factor is to acknowledge the total costs of small business loans which includes: APR, factor rate, closing cost, underwriting fee, origination fee, and down payment.
  5. Lastly, the goal is to make the best possible decision when it comes to financing. Make sure to evaluate your lender’s reputation apart from analyzing your eligibility requirements and repayments.

Loans Options for Bad Credit Borrowers

Don’t let Bad Credit set your dreams on fire, use these small business loans and change the entire structure and repute of your business.

    Small-term Loan

Give your business a daily dose of cash flow using this loan, borrowed from the alternative lenders. It is the sum of the capital that the borrower agrees to pay back in the given and set time period.

    Working Capital Loan

Looking for funding that can help you start-up a new or a small business? But won’t get approved because of the bad credit. Carry out your everyday operations such as wages, inventory and a couple of other costs that keeps your wagon running. These loans don’t work for heavy investment.

    Short-term Business Line of Credit

This particular type of loan works like a credit card. The borrower will have continual access to the funds to keep the small business running. This business loan is unbiased in terms of bad credit.

    Equipment Financing

With this domain, you can use the equipment that is on your buy-list as collateral. The lenders will then focus on the collateral that you just provided and this will make them forget about the bad credit.

    Invoice Factoring

The injection of cash flow with invoice factoring makes it easy for small business owners to meet payroll, carry out operating functions and business expansion, when necessary.

Other Channels to Secure a Bad Credit Business Loans

If your Credit score is higher than 500, we have a couple of more options for you. We want to make you an informed decision so we aspire to provide you with every possible aid.

  • Kabbage

Kabbage will loan you an amount ranging from $2.000 – $250,000. The APR will be 24% to 99%. The funding will take approx. a few minutes to several days depending you’re the loan type and other factors.

  • Fundbox

The loan amount here ranges from $1,000 to $100,000. The claim to send you the money as fast as the next business day. You can pay their money back in the time period of 12 weeks.

The alternative lenders approve your loan application even with the bad credit score because they want your small business to grow which will improve your credit score. Make sure to:

  • Pay on time.
  • Monitor your Credit report
  • Build up bank balance.

Just stay in business and be the best small business owner you can be, the fact you are here says that you are ready to change your bad/poor credit to good credit.

For more information like this make sure to read our blogs, online. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter (@Onlinecheck) and Facebook (@onlinecheck). Head over to our website and apply for a bad credit small business loan online. Call us on our toll-free number at (833) 827-4412 for any advice.

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