weekly business financing blog reviews
Today we have compiled 5 top business financing blog reviews for your convenience. These blog posts are entirely focused towards business loans, finance issues, funding options and how to raise prices etc. in order to know more you have to go through them and extract all the information that you need to sustain your small business success.

1 Banks aren’t lending to Small Business- So now what?

Small business owners can improve their chances of finding a loan if they understand three things:-

Find out why the bank turned thumbs down. Common reason are bad credit, high debt-to-equity ratio, and inadequate collateral. Ask what steps to take to improve your chances next time.

Learn what banks and governments are doing to help entrepreneurs. The community redevelopment act of 1977 encourage banks to make more loans to small business owners in their communities. Special loans are often set aside for women and minorities.

2 Cash Flow: The lifeblood of any business

If you don’t have it, your business can’t grow. But, getting your business’ cash flow organized can sometimes be harder than it seems. When the cash that’s coming in and the cash that’s going out don’t balance you find yourself in a cash flow gap which can be hard to climb out of.

3 The Journey Of Success In Small Business

Starting and running a small business is one of the best dreams a small business owner can have. But the dream can turn into a nightmare if the strategy is wrong. Most small businesses put their personal assets at stake and lose everything. Let me take you to the Journey of right strategy of succeeding in small business.

4 Business Loans for Young Entrepreneurs

Starting and expanding business during economic crunch can be quite daunting. But in these very times young entrepreneurs are source of innovation and long-term growth. For these innovative leaders lack of experience and finances becomes quite discouraging in their small business journey. The drastic slump in economy, due to recession, ceased access to business loans and funding for many entrepreneurs.

5 Need A Business Loan? Go To A Specialist

Whether you are buying an existing a small business or starting your own, you will need to make sure you have a solid foundation. It would be fair to say that the management of your small business finances is the most important factor in running a business and just as important when buying a business.