There are some factors in any small business that can either make you or break you!

  • Are you struggling in small business?
  • Longing to expand ?
  • Looking for ways to succeed ?

Relax! No need to rush into conclusions. Use your brain cells and experience to choose between the Do’s and Don’ts for your small business .

Do’s For Your Small Business

  1. Be visible in the small business world by introducing yourself with marketing strategies
  2. I’m sure you’ve heard, You have to put in before you can take out. Invest your efforts in your small business.
  3. Research beyond your profession for your small business connections
  4. Increase working capital with the increase in cash flow
  5. Try a small business loan to expand your small business
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  8. Rely on Small business experts for a faster business funding
  9. Get a tax free small business loan
  10. Stop worrying about personal and bad credit

Don’ts For Your Small Business

  1. Don’t use your small business acquaintances in appropriately
  2. Don’t not grab the spot light or chair every small business committee.
  3. Don’t rush into business relationships. Have meeting over lunch or dinner, get acquainted but never push a business card or brochure on any other business
  4. Don’t conveniently ‘forget’ collateral at the office and send a thoughtful follow up note with the material a couple of weeks later
  5. Don’t panic or get a rush it syndrome.
  6. Don’t give out your business plan to every other traditional lender for the sake of a business loan
  7. Don’t trust bank with fixed interest payment terms
  8. Don’t lose your personal assets to save your small business
  9. Don’t ask family and friends to lend you so you can have a positive financial statement in order to apply for a small business loan
  10. Don’t lose your small business while waiting for a small business loan