When you are starting a small business, there will possibly come a time when you want to get funding, whether it’s for equipment, inventory, staff, leasing or for additional space. As a startup business looking for quick funding, you’ll understand that it’s not an easy thing to do. Traditional lenders such as banks and credit unions usually don’t want to take the risk of lending to start up businesses as they are deemed unproven and the risk of lending them is too high. The small lenders who are ready to borrow money to startup businesses may not be reliable, or may additionally have exorbitant terms and interest rates.

As the majority of startup businesses fail within the first couple of years of their functionality, you should understand that you’re considered a high risk if you want a startup business loan. No doubt you need money to get your business off the ground, but for getting the funding for your startup, you need an established, money-making business to borrow money—so what to do and where to go for startup business loans?

For getting funding for your startup, you need to build a solid credit history for your business so you can borrow when you need to – and manage your risks.

How New Business Loan Can Help Your Startup?

When you start a new business, you require cash to lease or buy space for your startup business, furniture and production equipments, supplies, professional fees consisting of legal and accounting, as well as continuing the research and improvement of your services or products. You may additionally require cash to pay your workers. This is the situation where new business loans can get you the cash that your startup business needs.

How It Works?

With new business loans, you can get up to $25,000 with APR as little as 7.93%. And the repayment term of new business loans is 5 years or less.


  1. Apply online
  2. Get funded in few days
  3. Make fixed monthly payments

Source Of New Business Loan

P2P lending allows individual lenders to locate individual borrowers. This funding model connects the borrowers with the lenders in an arrangement where the lenders want a better rate on their money with creditworthy borrowers who require a simple competitive loan. If you are looking to fund your new business, Merchant Advisors can provide you access to the top SEC regulated Peer to Peer lending platform on the internet.

Requirements For New Business Loans

  • 5 months in business
  • Your FICO score of at least 660
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • You have an open bank account
  • You have a valid social security number

Benefits of New Business Loans From P2P Lenders 

Quick & Easy Approval: One of the major advantages is that you can easily get approved than if you were working with a traditional lender. Generally, you will have access to a large network of lenders to work with.

Lower Rates: The P2P lending reduces the fee and complexity of bank lending and pass the savings to you. Therefore there are no such excessive fees as with the traditional sources.

Saves Your Time:  You can also get quick access to your money. With an average lender, it may take weeks before you can get the cash you require. With P2P lending, you can get the money on the same day you apply for it.

Fast, Easy, Online Process: The 3-step application process is making it more captivating, all you need to do is to fill the application form provided on the website site, apply online in minutes, and get an instant rate quote.

Secure And Confidential: The personal information and identity you provide to the lender in order to get funding for your startup is fully protected.

Easy payment process: The payment in this particular program is fixed on monthly basis that can be deducted from your bank account.

No Pre-Payment Penalties: There is no fee on paying the borrowed amount early, so you can pay off your loan at any time without any penalty.

No Hidden Fees: You’ll not have as many fees involved. No hidden charges. When you work with a regular lender, they will charge you an application charges, processing charges, and usually some other charges. While you work with P2P lender, most of the time you may not need to pay all of those expenses.

One of the most important elements of starting a business is getting adequate funding to get off on the right foot. Most startups acquire extensive amount of expenses, and trying to reduce the expenses can be harmful to your business probabilities for success. Majority of businesses fail in the first few years of their operation, normally due to bad decisions and insufficient funding. Merchant Advisors can help you get the startup funding for your business that is imperative for not only supporting, but also for making your startup business more likely to succeed.