What Is Tarp?

Tarp is an acronym for Troubled Asset Relief Program. Tarp is an economical stimulus program passed by President George .W. Bush in order to stabilize a crawling economy in the United States.


The objective planned for TARP money is stabilization of the economy and shoring of a rapidly dropping real estate market. TARP money is intended to slow foreclosure rates, support mortgage financing and protect tax payer.

Drawbacks For Small Businesses

If you’re a small business, in trouble and you have hopes of receiving some types of government aid via TARP funds, then I recommend being cautious about managing your expectations.

While reports have come out that the Obama administration is looking to encourage small business lending by smaller banks through using some of TARP money available for investments, you read through them and wonder why bother bringing it up at all, as there seems to be so many caveats to it that there is little hope of true main street small business will be the beneficiaries of it.

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Moral Of The Story

If you’re looking to shelter yourself (and your business) then a

Tent Is Better Than A TARP!