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Image Source: Google

After the destruction across the Southern US, the storm left at least 340 dead also devastated Alabama’s important poultry businesses. The baby chicks clustered together outside their wrecked house, dipping their beaks into a puddle of water and pecking at feed split across the ground.

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Last Wednesday, the storm devastated the state’s $2.4billion a year poultry business, pointing chicken houses, killing birds and knocking out power to feed mills and processing plants. Moreover , the storm shattered 200 chicken houses and drastically damaged as many as 450 others.

Alabama’s poultry business is the third-largest in the US, producing about one billion chicken meat every year, and officials approximation is that it could be six months to a year before the businesses resumes full production. Overall, the farmers do not own the chickens but raise them under contract with national sellers.

While most Alabama farmers will not suffer financially from the loss of the livestock, they will have to rebuild the chicken houses and feed pens and replace destroyed heavy kit. In times when the businesses are collapsing small business loans can provide stability to your business by helping with cash flow and managing your business equity

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