Other than requiring more funding for your business occasionally, your business could get even more advantages from getting information and guidance on the funding resources. These small business loan resources are especially organized for women business owners at every stage of their business development.

Women’s Business Centers

In order to help women small business owners, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has almost hundred Women’s Business Centers that are located across the US, focusing on providing the requiring training and counseling as well as small business loans to women-owned businesses.

SBA’s Women-Owned Businesses Portal

Are you in need of funding or looking for a mentor to help you through the funding process for women-owned businesses? The SBA’s Women-Owned Business Portal is the best resource for you. They are offering online training and education to women-owned businesses. Additionally you can find helpful articles and other resources that can help you in expanding your business.

U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Joining the US Women’s Chamber of Commerce gives an outlet providing opportunity to help make a difference in the landscape and politics of women-driven small businesses. You will possibly meet different advocates for women entrepreneurship, have a say in policies and legislation and build your network.

National Women Business Owners Corporation

In case you want to become certified as a women-owned business, you need to consider this with National Women Business Owners Corporation. At National Women Business Owners Corporation, you also can get access to government contracting opportunities and expand your small business to new markets to expand your customer base.

Grants For Women-Owned Businesses

In case you are looking to fund your women-owned business, look for grants and small business loan programs that are made for women-owned businesses before you to the investors. These grants from and funding programs are open only for women business owners, directly decreasing the pool of applicants competing for funding.

Womensphere Venture Incubator

There are so many startup incubators available in the market, such as Womensphere Venture Incubator; however some provide specially to women business owners. Women who are in IT, mathematics or science industry can get funding easily from them. The venture incubator also provides help in launching startup business.

Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant

Eileen Fisher grants, a designer clothing brand supports women-owned businesses by offering them grant program. Every year, the Eileen Fisher grant program offers $100,000 to help startup businesses to develop as well as to produce a positive social impact. If you are making almost $1 million in annual sales and your business age is at least three years, you can go with Eileen Fisher Women-Owned Business Grant program.

The Amber Foundation

Every month, The Amber Foundation awards a women business owner with $500 grant and at the end of that year they also give a $1,000 grant to one of the 12 winners through The Amber Foundation grant. The only requirement they need is the applicant should be a women and the funding should be used to invest in the development of business. The application for this grant program charges only $7.

37 Angels

It is quite difficult for every business owner to get funding from an angel investor, and for the women business owners, who are in the minority category, it is even more difficult. Almost 23% women business owners are going to angel investors for funding purposes and in that 23% only 19% get funded. The 37 Angels have a streamlined applying process for their applicants and they will get back with a response in almost four weeks.

State-Specific Programs

It is well worth to perform some research work to find out that your state has any small business loan programs for minority and women-owned businesses.

For instance, New Jersey and New York states have funded almost $2 million through Women-Owned Business funding only to support the job creation and better entrepreneurship in your state.

In this (page/article), all the content is only for educational and informational purpose and selected from trustworthy sources; however, we make no statements or guarantees as to its completeness and accurateness. Please do not forget to discuss with your financial consultant about all aspects of your business and the financial requirements before taking any further step.

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Small Business Loan Resources for Women Business Owners
Small Business Loan Resources for Women Business Owners
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