The printing and publishing businesses are the major part of small business industry. Printed material has a perceptible as well as a visual quality, giving it an apparent significance that other digital communication mediums cannot compete. It has seen an up surge recently. Many printing and publishing business are planning to expand, but due to scarcity of cash they can’t make their dream a reality.

As it is said that “change brings challenges, but also creates new opportunities”. Alternative lenders have come into the game and offering funding for print and publishing businesses. They offer customized funding solutions to help their borrowers to meet their business needs.

Types of Funding For Print and Publishing Businesses

There are two types of funding available for printing and publishing businesses;

  1. For Investing in Growth: Business Loan for printing and publishing businesses
  2. For Equipment Leasing: Printing and publishing equipment loans

How Business Loan for Printing and Publishing Can Help

  • Setting up a print business
  • Buying an existing print business
  • Acquiring equipment and assets
  • Buying premises
  • Working capital
  • Funding growth
  • Tax

How Printing and Publishing Equipment Leasing Can Help

These business loans are specially made to help you purchase or lease the printing and publishing equipment you need. In equipment leasing settings, you need to pay some percent of the amount to the lender and take the advantage of equipment by paying monthly installments. And at the end of the leasing contract, you have the opportunity to own that equipment.

Benefits of Business Loan for Printing and Publishing

Here are some of the major benefits that a business loan for printing and publishing business can bring to your business;

  • Gives you authority to use where you deem fit
  • They are convenient and easy to access
  • They come with reasonable interest rates
  • The profits will be all yours

Benefits of Printing and Publishing Equipment Leasing

Here are some of the major benefits of printing and publishing equipment leasing;

  • Get your budget under control
  • Reduce Your Tax Liability
  • Shift a Capital Expense to an Operating Expense
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Not a fixed asset

Running or establishing your printing and publishing business is a challenging task. This requires constant flow of working capital, as and when you need it. Due to the fast and cost-effective process of business loan for printing business, it will help you get the funding you need in a couple of days.

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