This is what President Obama said in White House last May. “We will continue to create new incentives to support and help small business owners to hire new worker, promote growth and do what America does best—invest in the creativity and imagination of our people.”

The Obama administration has taken positive steps to promote small businesses, including provision of small business loan through the US Small Business Administration (SBA), tax relief, increase in the percentage of Federal Contracting Dollars ($ 221 Billions as of April 2011), counseling and training opportunities and exemption from a number of regulations through SBA office of Advocacy to all Small Business Enterprises.

Comparison of the loans provided by SBA during the year 2011 with the year 2010 has shown an increase of 6.3 percent. A loan given to small businesses during 2011 is 2.59 billion and during 2010 it is 1.59 billion. This is a record of greatest volume number of business loan to small business since 1961.

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