person fixing computerIn the present era of modern technology, IT related businesses are one of the most lucrative businesses and they are successfully doing profitable activities. Computers, software and hardware equipment’s and related spare parts are in great demand. Businessmen are required to maintain a running store; supplies should never be short and continuous upgrading of essential equipment’s and gadget must be maintained at all times, This is a very challenging and demanding job, it not only requires a full time commitment, being extremely costly, it also needs a continuous flow of cash at all times. Businessmen involved in computer business will require having Small Business Loans to make the two ends meet.

Banks are not very helpful these days, they are more worried about economic recession, their lending has hit an all time low. Merchant Advisors offers a number of alternatives for loan to Small Businesses including the Computer/ IT Equipment Businesses.

Our company will help the computer business owners with as much fund as they require and that to in a time frame of their own choosing or within 24 hours. Merchant Advisors offers the following facilities to its clients:-

– Funds approved in as less as 24 hours.

–  Collateral not a condition for the loan.

–  Maximum amount that can be sanctioned is 250,000 US dollars.

–  Credit History not a criteria foe the loan.

–  More than one payment option to choose from.

– Utilize the cash for purchase of any or all of the following:-

  1. Computers and its accessories.
  2. All types of soft wares.
  3. All types of hard wares.
  4. Keyboards and mousse.
  5. Upgrading expenses.
  6. Wages of employees
  7. Electric and heating bills etc

Merchant Advisors is a businessmen friendly institution. It respects the demand of its clients without wasting any time; this ensures the much required continuity in the business. The business owners are able to maintain the supply of equipment and accessories thereby establishing a good reputation an essential feature of any successful business,

Computer business can now call our consultants at 800-870-7622 and get free advise on our funding options and facilities.