These days’ food businesses are flourishing in many states, among these businesses bakery business is one of the leading enterprises and they frequently require additional capital for two main reasons. Firstly, the needs of the business increases and requires more investments to meet the growing expenses. Secondly, the business slumps due to poor activities of sales, business falls short of cash to meet even the daily requirements.

Bakery owners ask for loans from the banks, in most cases they are provided with the cash, however the banks take more than 90 days to sanction the amount and the cash sanctioned is much less than their actual requirements, the cash provided is unable to meet the requirements of running the bakery. The loans obtained from the banks are on very high prices/ interests rates.

Bakery owners should not worry at all, SBA loan providers are there in the market to provide a helping hand in terms of cash at the time it is most needed, amount as per the requirement, through most convenient and easy procedure and at the right time.  Merchant Advisors are there to provide required finances to the bakery owners to meet their essential working capital needs.

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Merchant Advisors provides the following facilities:-

a.     No collateral required.

b.    Credit Rating/ Score not essential for the loan.

c.     A payment procedure as it suits the borrowers.

d.    Cash sanctioned in less than 3 days

e.     Maximum cash sanctioned is up to $250,000 at once.

f.       Repayment based on Future Sales Receivables. This means repayments as per the volume of business each month. Less the sales less the repayment, more the sales more the repayment.

The capital obtained through the SBA source can be used by the bakery owners to meet the following needs:-

a.     Purchase of essential kitchen supplies.

b.    Purchase of essential kitchen appliances.

c.     Payment of gas, electricity and other essential bills.

d.    Waged of additional and existing staff.

Merchant Advisors has helped many businesses including bakeries to prosper even in the hardest economical condition. It is a SBA alternative for obtaining loan in shortest possible time.