business loan eligibility
It does not matter who you are. If you have a financial need for your small business then you should opt for business loan. Any person with poor credit history or one who wishes to start or expand a new business, should consider acquiring a business loan.

Many bank and many private investors have customized loan programs which are suitable for small businesses. However, the lending market nowadays is full of private lenders and some of them will even give the cash on these loans without asking for collateral.

Tips when applying for business loans at banks you will require a

Sustaining or expanding a business requires cash and lenders will only lend that money once they are sure of that you will be able to pay back the loan. Many banks will hesitate in accepting a loan application of businesses with bad credit or those who have no collateral.

But private money lenders, such as merchant companies provide business loans to businesses even with bad credit.
They require
• No collateral
• Poor credit does not matter
• Funds are deposited in your bank in as little as 1 business week
• No strings attached to small business loans
• No business loan application or business loan closing fees
• Easy repayment schedule tax deductible interest
• Fast and quick loan business application
• Multiple small business, unsecured loan and business line of credit options
• Merchant Advisors=Small business advisors
• Custom business loan plans

Business Plan
There are few common documents which most private lenders ask for. These include
The business plan: which should outline the nature of business you run, and the future cash projections of the business. If you don’t know how to prepare these documents, it is advisable that you should hire a professional as this will greatly influence the lender’s final decision.

Rates and Terms
Every private lender has similar terms but varied interest rates. Every small business owner should carefully research and opt for the most suitable rates and flexible terms.

Merchant companies allows online application process and do not require extensive paperwork. The money obtained with bad credit business loan can be easily used for meeting various business demands which include buying raw material, research and development, purchase of machinery or other equipment.