In today’s world the life has becoperson caricature lifting up an arrowme extremely fast and meeting the day to day requirements of life has become very demanding, planning is done on daily basis. Most of us do not have any time for self, one remains busy in activities like going to offices, working to make money, establishing business, improving or attempting to save business, making all effort to save money or add an extra earning to their incomes.

In short all we do in our life is accumulating wealth by hard, strenuous and stressful efforts, we never once even think as to where we are heading, what are our capabilities and are we utilizing our capabilities to it full capacity or in the correct direction. The irony of fate is that in majority of cases we end up in financial troubles.

Difficulties do not issue warnings before coming, especially financial difficulties. These are unexpected and unforeseen situation one has to face in the life, there time of occurrence is always and every time at the most crucial stage of one’s life. In some cases there are savings in the kitty or an amount especially kept for emergency needs. One can utilize these assets to solve the problems, in case the amount in kitty is not sufficient to meet the requirement, a sensible decision is not to use it and keep it in the kitty as reserve; solve the problem by taking a loan.

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