The amount of financing a small business needs depends entirely on the small business owner, type of business he runs and his desired pace of growth. Every small business demands a steady inflow of cash in order to provide a steady outcome. But some business requires money for investing. This money may be used for expanding a business, or sustaining an existing one.

When it comes to borrowing, there are two options.
1. Equity; &
2. Debt

With numerous financing options in the market, small business owners usually prefer either debt or equity. In debt, you acquire finance and tend to grow slowly and steadily, but in equity you hand over the business control to the angel inventors, in order to grow faster.

When the cash flows in
Businesses demand extensive planning so all business owners need to think less about debt and equity, and more about how to bring a positive and steady cash flow in business and avoid their need. Cash makes a business move forward and so does credit. But when it debt, bad move can make things go worse.

Use Debt Sensibly
The key to using debt sensibly is constantly reducing it so that more credit can be acquired. One can use it to their advantage. Some small business owners do not plan and also lack the ability to repay the debt, due to which they face tough time. The best thing about using debt is that it makes one more responsible about their business. Using credit cards responsibly will require you to pay your balances in full very month without delaying it. If you cannot pay responsibly then you should not pay at all.

It is also good to develop a record of your sales and then acquire line of credit through banks because it so happens that you can easily get money when you don’t need it than when you actually need it.