The government wants to provide cash to women business owners. Actually, this financing for women business owners made large gains this season. U.S. Small Business Administration loans for women were up 18% in financial 2015 over the last year, based on the federal agency. The Small Business Administration (SBA) itself published a record year with a $23.6 billion in financing, almost 23% greater than 2014.

SBA District Director For Northern California, Mark Quinn says, SBA loans for women made up no more than a third of the agency’s total annual funding in the last couple of years. However the SBA anticipates rise in its lending to women business owners.

“The types of companies we have seen more women engaged in at present need a smaller amount of capital investment,” he tells in an interview to NerdWallet, mentioning women-owned businesses presenting consulting and professional services. But moving forward, he says, the SBA anticipates the plethora of small businesses women take on as well as their general requirement for small business loans to develop their business.

Women have a wide range of options for small business financing; however SBA loans are one of the least expensive financing program. In case you are a women searching for an SBA loan, listed here are three things you need to know.

  1. What Is SBA Loan And What Makes Them A Big Deal For Women Entrepreneurs?

To go over, SBA loans are the most useful financing program for any small business proprietor, due to the fact they are often the less expensive loans. The women business owners play a progressively important role in the U.S. economy. According to a research performed by American Express 2015, there are over 9 million businesses in the United States that are owned by women with almost 8 million employees.

Under the agency’s most widely used 7(a) loan program, the SBA guarantees 85% of loans of $150,000 or less, and 75% of loans in excess of $150,000. These loans will often have minimum APR, presently at 5.5-6%. The Small Business Administration also provides equipment and real estate loans, offered through nonprofit organizations, as high as $50,000 having a maximum time of six years. Additionally, for women-owned businesses, the Small Business Administration is not nearly funding.

The agency additionally fulfills the non-financing requirements of women business owners through Office of Women’s Business Ownership that runs a countrywide educational network.

  1. What Do I Have To Do To Acquire An SBA Loan?

Here’s the problem with the SBA loans: They are difficult to acquire.

The SBA has a lengthy application process and requirements, many of them centered on your credit report and also the financial health of the small business. This is often challenging for individuals with bad credit. Based on a current Experian study, women entrepreneurs had a typical credit score of 689, somewhat less than male business owners. This is exactly why fixing your credit and financial record is really a wise move if you are searching for small business financing, particularly from SBA.

Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation, informs NerdWallet that “Be wise regarding any debt you’ve”. Try to pay your debt off as quickly as you possibly can.

  1. What If My SBA Loan Application Is Declined?

Yet again, you have to bear in mind that SBA loans really are difficult to acquire.

However here is great news if you are a woman entrepreneur: You have plentiful options.

Nellie Akalp of CorpNet says she refer women business owners to acquire SBA loans. “Pursue it, apply and find out what goes on”. Although she also suggests women business owners to have some alternative options just in case the SBA loan does not approve.

These alternative options consist of online lenders. The APR on alternative financing option is somewhat higher than SBA loans. They are practical options for women business owners searching to build stronger small businesses.