As difficult as the situation may appear, you’ve always got some options. However let us first discuss funding your company with personal capital as it is an essential subject.

I am unsure which kind of legal entity you’ve in place in your business, usually you need to make certain the banking and accounting of your funds are kept outside of your company, particularly if you own a C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC and so on.

In case there’s a clear difference among business and yourself, there’s less possibility for you to be in person responsible for the business debts. At present, it is okay to add some capital to your business, however be certain to split yourself out of your business from the accounting and legal point of view.

When it comes to a bad personal credit, there may be solutions that you can recover your credit rating. With respect to the kind of debt you’ve, you can speak to your credit card company, the credit reporting agencies as well as your personal banker to expose what is damaging your credit rating.

For those who have a higher credit card balance more than 35% of the credit limit and sometimes fail to spot monthly obligations then that’s the very first place to deal with. However, get in touch with these organizations and agencies to determine what is destructing your credit rating and what you can do to improve your credit rating.

In case you wish a quick solution in acquiring financing then you will find a couple of options that you should consider as detailed below.

Look For A Proper Partnership

This is often a difficult decision to make; however it’s an option worth exploring in case you can find a corporation that praises your business. You pointed out you’ve projects in process; however do not have the funds to get it completed. Whenever you find a partner who has a sturdy balance sheet along with an excellent business model, possibly you can form a partnership.

At the present, you will find lots of questions you have to ask yourself in determining the best partner, for example:

  1. Would a partnership facilitate both companies monetarily?
  2. Do both companies have customs which are well-matched?
  3. Am I at ease quitting some management jobs to this partner?

Look For Investors

In case you just need money, then possibly you can get working capital by joining up with an investor who’ll offer funding and take possession in the organization. Yet again, you’ll need to sacrifice the possession of your business, but you’ll also be capable to develop with fresh injection of capital.

Look For Further Financing Options With Banks And Private Lenders

While you have bad credit, you may still possess some possibilities to acquire financing from a bank and private lender. You may need to visit several local and community banks and lenders to get financing for your business. Don’t settle with one, visit 3-4 lenders and ask their terms on loans, by doing this you can find one with appropriate financing terms. The SBA also from time to time offers striking opportunities to acquire business funding.

Therefore, when your situation is difficult, in my opinion, you still have some solutions to search and fix the situation. Here you just need to think in all directions.