Starting or expanding a business requires cash. Traditional lenders ask for proof for repayment. If they think that you cannot repay the loan, they will only mark you ineligible for it.
Private merchant lenders on the other hand, do not care if you have bad or poor credit history. They do not demand collaterals and do not run any credit check. Instead, they assign dedicated advisors to meet your unique needs.

Private companies often offer
• Funds under flexible terms and conditions
• Longer repayment periods

But before you even go for small business loan, make sure you have done the following:

Find the Right Lender
You can always reach out to family and friends. This is the easiest possible approach, but at the sometime it is not very realistic, as the amount from this source will remain limited.
With bad credit score, it is not easy to acquire a business loan. Find private lender and compare their terms and conditions, choose the ones that offer lower interest rates, and flexible terms. Companies with flexible repayment options may be the only suitable ones for your business.

Meet Them in Person
You can easily find many lending companies online. But it is advisable to meet them in person. When you approach the non-traditional lending companies make sure that you know everything about them, before you enter any type of contract or agreement.

Why you Need The Loan
You need to know the reason for acquiring a loan. If it is for personal luxury, you might as well avoid it. But if it is for expanding, renovating or sustaining your business, then you should instantly go for it. But before you step into any company make sure you have an entire plan for this loan, so that you feel confident with what you plan to do.

Supporting Documentation
Before meeting the lender, make sure that you have completed the entire documentation. Complete the application form and attach required documents.
Business Plan
Being a small business owner you should know that documentation is very important for every aspect of your business. You need to chalk out the nature of your business in documentation form. It should highlight the nature of your business, and how you are running it. Your business’s future cash projections should also be included in it. Be prepared and do not enter the doors of a money lender without it.

Interest Rates & Repayment Terms
Always discuss any interest rate and repayment terms beforehand. You don’t want to end up paying more than the discussed amount.
In order to avoid more debt, it is advisable to find loan that is easily repayable. Bad credit means that it is very difficult for the individual to get the required loan, but if you follow simple steps than they will help you in acquiring loan easily.