Wall Street was shut down by Hurricane Sandy. The destruction caused by the storm has disrupted business activity throughout the populous Northeast. Hurricane-driven storm surge flooding has caused significant damage to property and especially to small business. Many small business owners have been forced to lose major part of their running business.

Merchant Advisors is ready to help every small business owner out there. The wages that have been lost in the storm, the loss in production and sales, the devastation of restaurants and offices cannot be easily recovered.

In the midst of the loss that has swept away many successful businesses, Merchant Advisors has stepped in and offered Personal and Fast Business Loans to small business owners who have wages to give and renovations to begin with.

The company has created customized Fast Business Loans and Personal Loans which suit small business owners who have lost a lot in terms of business and property due to the hurricane.

No Collaterals Required
As the company is very well aware of the situation in US due to Hurricane Sandy, Merchant Advisors, for the ease of customers do not ask for any type of collaterals. All small business owners have to do is walk in and fill in the application and provide minor documentation.

90% Approval Rate
With 90% approval rate there are high chances for approval of any small business loan in this economic situation. Small banks may not be the right option for re-starting or renovating a small business. Businesses with bad credit report can also expect the same approval rate provided that they present every document that the company asks for.

Easy Repayment Options
Merchant Advisors knows the seriousness of the situation and offers easy repayment options. You don’t have to pay fixed amount each month, rather the amount varies in accordance with sales. The more the sales, the higher the repayment rate, the lesser the sales the lower the repayment option. The amount is automatically deducted from your merchant account without putting the businessman/lender in any type of hassle.

The Hurricane has created a lot of devastation in economy and business as well, but that should not stop anyone from rebuilding or renovating their business because Merchant Advisors is ready to help financially.