The indication of Google’s dominance and prosperity is no doubt emerging every day. With latest technology survey by Score.Org the technology industry is pacing up again despite the economy lag. According to a recent report in Google , where they shared some data that revealed some company’s previous investments have started to pay off. With that Google finally appears to be turning it into something more than just dependent on text ad that appear alongside search results.

Google is still spending money like the recession rendezvous never took place .Investors however can’t complain too much as long as the Internet search leader keeps expanding its advertising empire. The dominance showed by google indicates the net income surged 32 percent to overwhelm analyst estimates, and would have even higher if Google management hadn’t decided to hire so many more workers, buy other corporations and invest in more equipment to keep its service humming.

Google’s liberal spending worried some investors during the first half of year , causing the company’s stock a sag. But it all turned the other way round as Google shares soared $49.07 or more than 9 percent. According to a recent report during the a conference call with analyst, Google said sales of its display ads which included that on YouTube are on a rise that can be translated in $ 2.5 billion annually.

For a non fiscal layman the easy way to explain this article is that google kept the working capital on the increase and the business funding through other investors.For any small business aiming to become google should rely on a massive cash flow with small business loans that can provide stability and persistence in your small business.