A pile of one hundred dollar bills
Is bad credit record stopping you from acquiring a loan for sustaining your small business? Don’t put
your personal savings in business; rather apply for a bank loan? Will you be involved in a financing
choice that is not only speedy and stress-free and does not require collateral or any bank statement?

There are many private lenders who provide loans for small businesses. These companies do not ask for collateral rather they require only minor paperwork and approve your application within one hour of application submission. Following are private money lending options:

Micro Lending Services
Micro lending services offer loans to small businesses. The loans offered are not so high but enough to kick a good start towards success. Since, the loan amount is not sky rocketed, they also charge low upfront payments. Your loan application will be granted very easily, you don’t need to put in so much of effort to convince the agency to provide you loan.

Cash Advance Programs
Cash advance programs not only provide business loans but are known to offer best plans to execute your business to increase the chances of success. Cash advance providers look at collateral’s and private properties and under look your credit history and record. Once the application is approved, loan is transferred immediately to your account and only a little percentage of total earned profit in a month is deducted.

Merchant Lenders
Private lending is the most feasible and flexible form of business loan, provided you can find any friend or family member who can offer you business loan. It frees you from the tension of following up any rigid or strict rules but the only problem in private lending is that you might not be offered heavy loans and will feel the need to look for other lending options.