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This Friday we have compiled 5 links from the web for you. Each link contains useful and interesting information for your small business taxes, loans, growth and news. Enjoy the guide and let us know what you think.

1. Small Businesses Carrying Less Debt, More Optimistic

The number of small businesses carrying debt is declining, while optimism about obtaining credit and the economy in general is improving, according to a recent Gallup poll. The survey of more than 600 business owners found that nearly one in three who have borrowed in the past now have less debt, while general optimism hit a four-year high. (Source: Huffington Post)

2. American Express Targets Small Businesses

American Express Co. won’t charge small businesses to use a service for creating discount offers that are delivered to Amex cardholders via a new smartphone feature and other platforms as it looks to expand merchant acceptance of its high-end cards. (Source: Wall Street Journal)

3. 5 Trick Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Asking For Money

These questions, which manifest themselves in numerous forms, all share a common underlying objective: to divine your motivations, expectations and desires. Handled appropriately, these questions provide investors a window into an… (Source: Forbes)

4. Seven Questions to Ask Before Buying Credit Card Payment Protection

Credit card payment protection plans are under fire, but they can occasionally be worthwhile. To see whether they’re right for you, or if there’s a better alternative, answer the following questions:
1. What’s your risk of defaulting, and how costly would it be? (Source: Fox Business)

5. Raise Cash on Crowdfunding Sites

After getting laid off from an architecture firm in 2009, Margot Broom tapped her savings to open a yoga studio in New Haven, Conn., called Breathing Room.
But when she was forced to relocate the business two years later, Ms. Broom couldn’t afford to renovate the new space she had in mind—until she discovered crowdfunding, the practice of securing small amounts of money from multiple contributors online. (Source: Wall Street Journal)