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This Friday we have compiled 5 links from the web for you. Each link contains useful and interesting information for your small business taxes, loans, growth and news. Enjoy the guide and let us know what you think.

1. Last-Minute Tax Tips for Small Business – How to Deduct and File Correctly (and Keep the Tax Man From Your Door)

Because of a quirk with a local holiday in the District of Columbia, April 17th is the deadline to file your 2011 small business taxes this year. Whether you use the services of an accountant or file your own taxes, there are still some things you can do to ensure you file properly, avoid audits, and claim the right tax deductions. (source:

2. Small Businesses Don’t Choose Low-Tax States
State lawmakers often argue that their tax policies for small businesses need to be more favorable than those in other states. A mellow tax regime, the argument goes, will attract entrepreneurs from other states, enhancing employment and economic growth within the state. (source:

3. Accounting tools for a growing business
I am trying to find a new system for inventory control, accounting, purchasing, and point-of-sale tracking. Obviously, being a new business owner, I am on a tight budget — but I want a system that will be able to handle all functions and grow with the company. Any recommendations? — Stephanie, Knoxville, Tenn. (source:

4. U.S. small business morale ebbs in March
(Reuters) – U.S. small business confidence dropped in March for the first time in six months amid widespread pessimism, adding to evidence suggesting that economic growth slowed in the first quarter. (source: Reuters)

5. Starting A 401(k) Plan: 5 Things You Need To Know

Should you start a 401(k)? After all, it’s what generally successful companies tend to do: offer a financial vehicle for their employees to save for retirement. (source: huffington post)