For a small business owner, resources for your business can sometimes be hard to find. Tax software, business planners, even funding options are all resources that you would like to have, but don’t have the time to search them out on the web. But instead of searching them out online on several different web sites, you can easily find all of this and a lot more through the Small Business Administration. The Small Business Administration, or SBA, is dedicated to helping small businesses get on their feet. With a wealth of free seminars and classes, free software, and great information and resources on funding options.

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The SBA offers this information both online and through their local offices that are placed in major cities throughout the United States. Online, you can find classes and seminars to take in the privacy of your home or office, and you can find all the information you need on how to manage your business, gain working capital, write a business plan, and create financial reports, and even special funding or licenses that you can get through your state or city governments. You will also find great links to other sites, both government and non-government, that will help you with the federal, state, and local business numbers and licenses that you and your business will need.


Through their offices, you can sit down with an advisor and go through all the steps that you will need to start up, or maintain, your small business. You can pick up free tax and accounting software to use, enroll in seminars or classes that the SBA offers, get great information on both traditional and non-traditional funding, and much more. You can find a list of their local offices online as well as their office hours and how to set up an appointment.

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For those small businesses that need funding options, the SBA can help you with traditional and non-traditional lenders in your area and across the United States who can help you find the working capital you need. They can also help you create a winning business plan, complete with the financial statements you’ll need to apply for a small business loan or any other type of funding that you are interested in. The SBA will also help you gain the government numbers that you need to grow your business by bidding for government contracts and federal numbers that you need for tax purposes or employment.

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With all the useful information that the SBA can offer a business owner, this is an untapped resource that very few business owners use to their advantage. The SBA can help you to obtain funding, software, and all the training you need to run a successful business and to grow your business as well. So before you try searching out all the business training and information that you think you will need for your business, check with the SBA first to find it all in one place.

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