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Merchant Advisors is offering free weekly marketing campaign to you for your small business on its blog and social media channels. We encourage you to submit any successes (or partial successes) that you’ve had as a small business owner. Let us know how small business funding helped you in building your own brand, store or office.
How and when did you start your business?
How you managed your finances?
What difficulties did you face ;and
Where you stand today?

Tell us all by either by

1. Sending us your interview video, or
2. Pictures of your small business product or place (whether home based, store or office)

Our aim is to build a community by bringing successful business owners at one platform. We will introduce you to other small business owners and potential buyers by publishing your story in our weekly newsletter which is sent to 3000+ subscribers.

Send us your small business success story at the provided email address.
Selected stories will be published on our

1. Blog
2. Facebook
3. Twitter
4. Linkedin
5. And they will also be sent to 3000+ subscribers in our ‘Weekly Newsletter’.

Just imagine! if you get lucky you might get a contract, a franchise offer or even a business partner.

So send us your success story because this your last chance for being a part of free marketing campaign with Merchant Advisers.