Business Cash Advance
Despite the fact that business cash advance varies significantly from the bank loan, probably the most conventional solutions of business financing, the following two business financing solutions have a lot in common. Small business entrepreneurs need to comprehend both the commonalities as well as dissimilarities just before they determine which approach is perfect for their enterprises.


Different Solutions
Both merchant cash advance lenders and banking institutions provide different solutions for small business entrepreneurs. Banking institutions have micro loan solutions, SBA loans, start-up loans, and so on. Some lenders provide starter solutions, standard solutions, premium solutions as well as restaurant financing solutions. The solutions provided by both organizations are made to meet the requirements of a group of individuals whose companies are as unique as the entrepreneurs themselves are.

Not Free Cash
There are actually business financing solutions that don’t have to be paid back. These consist of grants, personal financial savings and presents from close friends and relatives. Even so, both business cash advances and business loans should be paid back.

Working Capital
Both financing solutions can offer working capital for small business entrepreneurs who require it. These business finances boost the cash flow, assisting small business entrepreneurs to make the essential payments/purchases to enhance or manage their businesses.

Financing Amount
Both cash advance lenders and banking institutions have the ability to finance considerable amounts of cash. Obviously, one’s real financing amount is determined by conditions presented by the banking institution or the cash advance lender. Generally, small business entrepreneurs can acquire business cash advances as much as $500,000.


Small business entrepreneurs generally pay back business loans by making predetermined regular repayments. Delayed or skipped obligations can lead to penalties. Retailers who employ cash advances never make repayments by themselves. Lenders automatically subtract a modest proportion from their business’s daily credit card sales up until the cash advance is paid back. Business cash advances are generally paid back in 6-8 months.

Conditions and Requirements
Requirements for bank loan may differ from bank to bank however in general, qualified business entrepreneurs will likely have outstanding credit ratings, flawless personal financial backgrounds, collateral and strategic business plans that the banking institutions believe in. Merchant cash advance qualifications are based on the duration of business possession (retailer should have possessed business for not less than half a year), volume of monthly sales from credit card processed (business should process at a minimum of $5,000 in monthly credit card sales) and duration leftover on business lease (a minimum of one year should remain). Retailers should also have no conflicting liquidations. Average credit is okay when making an application for a business cash advance. The cash advance is likewise unsecured. Consequently, there’s no collateral requirement.

Application and Financing Procedures
Frequently, a comprehensive amount of documents involves in making an application for a business cash advance. Usually the cash advance application process can take months and even after approval, but from Merchant Advisors you can get your approval for cash advance in no time. Additionally, borrower’s banking accounts can be funded in just five working days. Retailers who take benefit of cash advances are also permitted to restore their cash advances every 3-4 months, a procedure that can be carried out is as little as one day.

Policies and Limitations
As pointed out above, the majority of banking institutions will need candidates to organize and provide strategic business plans, simply because they have limitations on how their loans can be employed. Contrarily, there is no limitation on how cash advances can be employed.