Small Business Women Pacing In Small Businesses

Women are taking the initiative needed to become small business owners and are opening new small businesses. Women can count on their unique perspectives, experiences & assets, if they are successful in owing or operating their own small business.

Recent Report About Small Business Owned By Women

According to the most recent data on small businesses, available from the U.S department of commerce there were 5.4 million women- owned small business in the USA in 1997. According to the report the number of women-owned small businesses increased by 16 percent in five years time as compared to a six percent increase for United Sates Small businesses in general.

Cash Flow-The Need Of Small Businesses

To run any small business man or women owned- cash flow is the key. Merchant Advisors provides financial support to female small business owners when other alternatives may not be readily available

Merchant Advisors Take The Liability To Help You Grow Your Small Business

For females seeking funding for their small businesses, Merchant Advisors will evaluate their financial situations, offering them affordable choices to make their dreams a reality. These financing options enable women to pursue their dreams of owning and operating a small business without the hassle of high-interest loans or other cash advance options. By evaluating all applicants, regardless of their credit histories, females will obtain financial security at affordable rates.

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  • Simple application
  • 90% loan approval rate
  • No cost to apply
  • No closing costs
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